Topic: Would You Rather be a Dog or a Cat?

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zane wrote:

geez @whoknew and @warioswodds someone might actual get sad because of those remarks, If i was lonely or had a house (place for animals to live) I would get a pet. I was thinking of trolling back with couples and dogs but.... Lock thread, anyone?

Sorry if you took it offensively. Me my cousin were just joking around, because he recently got a dog.

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I would just like to say although I prefer having a dog as a pet (probably due to always having a dog since birth) I am a animal lover (not in the sick sense) and have no problem with cats or any animal, I don't even kill spiders and bugs in my house if I can help it, just show them to the door


Treats for everyone!

Thanks for all the responses guys and gals or should I say dogs and cats?! o_0

I have both a dog and a cat and of course I love them both. Indeed, they are different types of pets. Cats are way more independent, but I think it's super cute how dependant dogs are with their owner. And they always make you feel like a million dollars when you walk in the door and it doesn't matter to them if you are broke or broken hearted. They love you all the same. True, cats can be sweet and loving too, but often a bug gets their attention more than their owners. LOL

Just out of curiosity, do you think a NintenCats game would be any good?

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They get fat and sleep all day. I wouldn't want to go for a walk if I was a dog.

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I would be a dog because dogs are more manly than cats.

Enjoy the CHEESE of life.


luigiman2 wrote:

I would be a dog because dogs are more manly than cats.

Yeah!! Especially those dogs you can keep in your handbag...

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What's this bit for again?


Cat because I don't have to do anything. No walk, no baths, just eat, sleep, and poop.

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luigiman2 wrote:

I would be a dog because dogs are more manly than cats.

You think dogs are tough, check out this cat:


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Dog because dogs are a lot more fun!!!!

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lz2009 wrote:

Dog because dogs are a lot more fun!!!!

A cookie is you! I mean... for you.




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