Topic: Would you like the open world Zelda game set in Termina or the Great Sea?

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Would you prefer the smaller yet sidequest filled world of Termina or the vast Great Sea?



I want the direct sequel to Skyward Sword, when Link and Zelda set off to explore the new world! Boom!

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@Tsurii I'm talking about a non linear space where you can do the dungeons in any order.



I would love a Open World (air) Termina based Zelda game, but not with the time limit.

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I think I would love an open world game set in the sea. It would be pretty cool to see the windwaker concept expanded on a much greater scale.

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I would like to see a more industrialised setting in a future open world Zelda game… maybe with village-building elements, and villages/towns can live and die based on what industrial facilities or natural resources are available within close proximity. By default, the world will operate in harmony, but the player will have an input in how they can disrupt the environment in order to enhance or damage it, and each decision is irreversible (short of starting a new game or reloading a recent save).

For example, demolishing the natural habitat of particular monster may force them to relocate to another forest or worse, force them to ransack and devastate a nearby village for food and refuge. Each decision will adversely affect the environment and the denizens within it. Introducing smaller pests to a particular environment can also have adverse effects.

The player will need to negotiate that delicate balance between nature, civilisation and industrialisation. Toying with that balance will either disrupt or enhance the condition of this open world. While forests can be rebuilt, some decisions will be irreversible, and some flora or fauna can be rendered extinct, endangered, or even result in mixed breeding. I think this concept would be a cool way to expand on the Zelda formula, and make the open world feel truly alive.


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I don't care about the settings returning as much as the characters tbh. The pirates in Wind Waker were great despite most of them given not a lot of worthwhile screentime, so I'd love to see a game more focused on them. Also, Groose. Obviously.

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An open world Majora's Mask would only put into harsh contrast how boring and empty Breath of the Wild-Zelda is in comparison.

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@Haru17 Breath of the Wild in my opinion had a lot a stuff to do in its open world in my opinion but if a open world sequels to majora mask and spirit tracks could work real well.



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