Topic: Where can I buy this pair of glasses?

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Im dressing up as a particular "anime character"(don't ask) for halloween. All is complete except 1 missing piece. I don't know of the kind of glasses he wears; Ill describe them.

-Hides the eyes from others

Thats all. Links to offers of aution sites will help too please.


Yeah, you're really going to have to help a little more. That could be almost anything.

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I can't post a picture cause Im on the Internet channel. Tomorrow I can get on a computer. This isn't the character Im going to be but Inui; from Prince of Tennis has the glasses Im searching for.

P.s no Im not going to be that bleach character. Its a character off an anime thats not been dubbed.

That link to the pitcure of guy that has the glasses i want.

How do i add pictures to these fourms and please be specific no computer talk like coding i don't get that.

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