Topic: What Nintendo game would you like to see a sequel of?

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What series has Nintendo not made another sequel (or just a sequel in general) of that you would like to see continued?



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Still waiting for Atlus to make Snowboard Kids 3


I want Super Mario Galaxy 3.



Super Mario Bros 2 2


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Super Mario All Stars 2

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1. MIITOPIA 2 !!
2. Wii Sports 3 featuring Boxing / Kick boxing with proper Mii body (with six pack also) and customable outfits.
3. Go Vacation 2
4. Dillon games with Amiimals again
5. Style Savvy 5
6. Mario Kart 9
7. Nintendoland 2
8. ARMS 2

My Top 6 games :
1. Dance Dance Revolution series (100)
2. Dragon Quest Builders 2 PS4/Switch (95)
3. The Sims 4 PS4 + All contents (93)
4. Portal Knights PS4 (90)
5. Final Fantasy VIII PS1 (90)
6. Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo 3DS (89)

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Eternal darkness sanity requim. It's nearly twenty years since it was out


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Octopath Traveler 2. The developers have been so far really receptive to feedback, so I think a sequel would really fix out the kinks that surrounded the first game's concept


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Sin and Punishment Star Successor, this was one of my favorite games on the Wii and I can't think of many games that deserve a sequel more then this one.

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@cool_dork I want a successor to the Mii Plaza Streetpass games on 3DS. I'd like to see a similar set of mini games that make use of the entire Amiibo library on Switch, with a variety of mini games using the different Amiibo characters who aid your Mii on various mini-game versions of classic gaming archetypes. An adventure game, a shmup, a puzzle game, etc...

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I would love to see a sequel for Fossil Fighters for the switch in HD. But only if it were to go back to it's roots like the first 2 games.
This may not be a Nintendo game but I would want to see Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 localized to the west.
The sequel may exist already but i wanna be able to play it, and in English.

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Good... good
Let the weeb flow through you...

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Custom Robo (there also a game like it coming to switch)
Snowpack Park

im creep out with thoese eyes... :P

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@Anti-Matter We need another Wii Sports (or I guess it now would be Switch Sports) and Wii Sports Resort.



@GyroZeppeli For a split second I read that as "Malware"

Still waiting for Atlus to make Snowboard Kids 3


@GyroZeppeli In Dutch, mal is one of the various translations for "silly", so malware = sillyware,
and if anything, Warioware is definitely a silly game. Fun, but still quite silly...

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I'm interested to see what sillyware would do to my computer. Make fart noises every time I click? Change the recycling bin's name to Jeff? Send surprise party invites to my email contacts?

Still waiting for Atlus to make Snowboard Kids 3


Let's see:

Super Mario Odyssey 2
Super Mario Galaxy 3
Mario Kart 9
Captain Toad 2
A third game in the Pokemon Colosseum/XD series
Pokepark 3
Pokemon Snap 2


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