Topic: What, if any, gaming/Nintendo YouTube Channels (or Twitch TV) do you enjoy?

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Great thread idea - I'm always keen to discover new Youtubers and I'll be sure to give some of the suggestions a look.

Some of my favourites include:

  • Arlo - general Nintendo commentary from a muppet
  • SpawnWave - very informative, covering daily news across the gaming industry
  • Caddicarus - quirky, with a large focus on PS1 and very British
  • Outside XBox/Xtra - a group of great personalities take on a series of gaming topics in "Top 10" style lists
  • WhatCulture Gaming - somewhat similar to OX.
  • MetalJesusRocks - all round good channel aimed at collectors and those seeking hidden gems
  • Austin Eruption - does some great content covering mostly Japanese games, has quite a distinct style IMO which I enjoy
  • Nathaniel Bandy - mostly Mario with some other Nintendo games and Sonic. Interesting concepts for videos including hacking games to impose challenges.
  • RelaxAlax - interesting themed videos with a very unique sense of style and humour. Has a great series called "Know Your Moves" which explains the origin of Smash Bros character moves.
  • ScottTheWoz - great take on topics from gaming history with, again, a distinct humour.
  • SomeCallMeJohnny - reviews games across the board, mostly famously Sonic.

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Definitely agree with Arlo and Scott the Woz. I also enjoy Jon Cartwright's "What's That Track?" show.



Gaming youtubers

Maximillion Dood - He really opened my eyes to a lot of fighting games I'd never heard of, his hype is infectious.

Sajam - watching him learn new fighting games is helpful. I've always liked fighting games, but never really approached them tactically. His videos point me in the direction of what I should do.

Spawnwave mainly for his hardware reviews.



I'm honestly surprised at how many of these suggestions I actually have heard of. With so many people doing this sort of thing these days, I figured I'd hear lots of names I don't know.

There was a handful I don't know - mostly associated with games or genres I don't much care for, but that's not a surprise.

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I'm not big into that side of gaming culture at all.
There's a few I do check out time to time, the only ones coming to mine now are AVGN, MetalJesus and Gaming Historian.

Otherwise, it's just random video searches for gameplay to check out footage of a specific game I want to see.



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I'd like to give a shout out to my new favourite Youtube channel which I only just discovered in the last couple of days:

Nindie Nation!

This channel covers the release and E-store Sales of all indie games on the Switch, giving you an overview from the best to the worst in a slick and well produced format. I would say they are an essential subscription if like me you feel overwhelmed looking through the E-Store and want to separate the quality gems from the half-baked shovel-ware.


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I love PeanutButterGamer, SpaceHamster, and BeatEmUps the most! Also like SpawnWave at times too.!



Gr3gg3r, Snwbear, and DavidYaGames. All solid Nintendo centric streamers. It's worth noting that Gr3gg3r does say the F bomb every now and then. Gr3gg3r also plays a wide array of classic games and RPG's as well.

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