Topic: What, if any, gaming/Nintendo YouTube Channels (or Twitch TV) do you enjoy?

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I thought it might be fun to share who you watch and maybe give recommendations to each other here.

For General Nintendo games I watch:
Chuggaconroy - very often
The Runaway Guys - sometimes
NintendoCaprisun - sometimes

For Pokemon specifically:
aDrive - general Pokemon everything - very often
CybertronVGC - high level competitive VGC Pokemon - often
WolfeyVGC - high level competitive VGC - sometimes
Pokeaim - Pokemon Single battles - sometimes
AustinJohnPlays - LPs and collabs - sometimes

For Animal Crossing:
Austin John Plays - often

For other gaming:
Eckheartsladder/EcksToo - Star Wars games - often
Corey Loses/Corey's Datapad - Star Wars games - often
(both of the above run two channels each, one for lore, one for gaming)
LGR (Lazy Game Reviews) - not actually a reviewer really - retro PC stuff and other generally nerdy and game related stuff - often
ModernVintageGamer - hacking and emulation and other interesting tech stuff - often

Also I don't play or follow it anymore, but I was super into Hearthstone for a long time and I want to mention the people I used to follow almost religiously:
TrumpSC (no relation to the politician)

I only stopped playing HS because it was consuming my life and wallet and I had to stop myself.

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Hm I feel a thread like this could be easily used by sneaky people to advertise their own content.

Mr. Boss @AntDickens, what do you think?

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My dead channel.

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@Eel That REALLY wasn't my intent. I was just thinking that we have threads for game and movie and music and anime and book recommendations, why not one for YouTube/Twitch too?

But now that you mention it, I suppose people could.

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If someone makes a video they are proud of what's wrong with sharing it with a community who might find it relevant to their own interests? I mean, spamming the site with anything isn't OK, but if someone is transparent and honest about it being a thing they made what's the harm?

it's yo boy


I watch Digital Foundry although I dont understand a lot of the technical stuff!
I also watch :

  • Eurogamer
  • Game Makers Toolkit (looking at the mechanics of gaming)
  • Adam Millard - The Architect of Games (as above)
  • Get Indie Gaming (new indie games on all systems)
  • Outside Xbox (very funny!)
  • Razbuten (has a good series where he gets his wife to play games to try to understand what it's like for people who don't play or know the hidden language of games. She also gets him back by doing a video about him trying baking!)
  • Rock Paper Shotgun (also funny and they have an amazing lets play of Divinity Oringal Sin 2 which is 76 episodes and counting)
  • SwitchUp which is a good Nintendo channel
  • BSoD Gaming which is about emulation
  • 2 Old 4 Gaming (mostly about PS Vita and some Switch)
  • Mystic which is mostly Playstation

I prefer British channels for humour

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I like the video essay format the most.

I watch almost everything that Matthewmatosis, Game Makers Toolkit, and Scott the Woz put out. There is also the delightful curmudgeon “Yahtzee” Croshaw who speaks about games in an irreverent, but sometimes insightful way.

I watch Twitch streams of games occasionally if it is stuff I’ve played. If not I’d rather not spoil it for myself.



@Eel It's fine by me, even if people do advertise their own channel the topic/thread is pretty clear that is the intention, so it can be allowed.

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If there’s one YouTube channel that I could recommend with confidence, it would be Austin John Plays. He has funny content on many games (Animal Crossing, Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, ect).
@Eel I really don’t mind if people post their own videos, it can help everyone here and them too!

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TheRunawayGuys mostly, although primarily Proton Jon on Twitch (fortune cookie streams are great to watch) as well as Lucahjin (Danganronpa and Ace Attorney have been pretty great to watch).

StephenPlays is also good to watch although I admittedly watch his vlog more. He does a little bit of everything, Nintendo, Sony, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Indies.

The Completionist is pretty great, I watch him on occasion. He does reviews essentially but primarily focuses on rewards for completion and verdicts as to whether you should complete a game, ignore, or just finish it. He also does loads of other projects such as Beard Bros. and Big Bad Bosses, although I don't follow that as much.

Caddicarus is also great; focuses on PS1 games mostly although does other games as well and lots of random stuff which isn't related to games. His channel trailer is pretty accurate for the type of humour and content.



-I typically start my day off with spawn wave as he does a daily news show at 7am central time here in the states. He doesn't have alot of humor but every day he's crankin out a news show. He also does a podcast every Saturday night which i haven't watched for quite some time, but it is pretty good.

  • angry video game nerd for silly off the wall episodes about older games. I do however watch some of the other channels that are under that umbrella. The channel is actually called cinemassacre. So they do alot of older movie reviews too and tend to talk about alot of gaming even in those.
  • rgt85 for non chialant gaming news and silly videos. He isn't as serious as spawn wave, but I enjoy his content nonetheless. Alot of console gaming talk, mostly Nintendo related.

-dreamcast guy every so often. Usually when he's talking about final fantasy or resident evil stuff which he does quite often.

Zeltik is phenomenal for zelda related stuff and game over Jesse also does a decent job.

-gamexplain is fun to watch for any content honestly.

-gaming historian and did you know gaming are both fun and different.



If I watch anyone, I usually check the following:
I loved Austin John Plays for Breath of the Wild. He's the man. I don't play Pokemon or Animal Crossing, so I haven't watched him lately, but when Breath of the Wild sequel comes out, Austin John's channel is where I'll be.
Digital Foundry, Metal Jesus, Spawnwave, Jon Sandman(rocket league)
Sometimes RGT 85 and BeatemUps.

........and sometimes I check out NintendoLife's youtube? I don't know if anyone else is familiar, but... they seem, like, kinda.....ok. 🤪

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Game Maker's Toolkit - really interesting video essays on game design
Girlfriend Reviews - comedic reviews of games from the perspective of someone who has to live with her boyfriend playing games all the time (though she also plays games herself and mixes up the format quite a bit)
Scott the Woz - very funny videos on gaming history
CandyEvie - various different videos about Pokemon
Gamechamp3000 - mainly video game challenge runs condensed into short documentary-style videos


General Nintendo Stuff
Game Maker's Tool Kit-ALL THE TIME
Nintendo Life's YouTube Chanel- A lot
Arlo- I Have No Idea Why
Animal Crossing
AustinJohnPlays-Whenever He Uploads
TagBackGames-Fun To Watch
Crossing Chanel-Real Silly


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I've been a viewer of Did You Know Gaming, GameXplain, & the Gaming Historian for many years.

I used to watch ScrewAttack before they went under (though I still watch Death Battle, which seems to have survived as it's own thing), and Classic Game Room before they had some sort of spat with YouTube & stopped posting videos.

I haven't really looked for anything new to watch other than PSVR Without Parole, which I watch occasionally.

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  • GameSack - Joe talks about games he played, with some humor. Each video has a theme (underlooked games, rare games, graphically impressive games for a certain platform). When the channel started, it was 2 guys (Joe and Dave), but Dave left. Found many underrated games thanks to these guys, like Gun (2005).
  • MyLifeinGaming - Very well researched videos with lots of technical aspects
  • Scott the Woz
  • Nitro Rad - Covers some obscure older platformers/indie titles
  • Vinesauce - For the humor
  • minimme - Covers obscure licensed games/Java2me games
  • Gaming Historian
  • Did You Know Gaming - Gaming facts.

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In order of frequency viewed on YT.

Easy Allies
Spawn Wave
Worth A Buy
Digital Foundry
Giant Bomb
Scott the Woz
Nate the Hate
ETA Prime

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@Magician Wow, I can't believe I left out NVC. (just added it to my comment)

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i mean there's this guy called kkslider5552000-shot

Though srsly, I've been really enjoying Scott the Woz lately. I think he's doing some of the best comedic reviewer stuff nowadays.

But here's some channels beyond the most popular ones I'd very much recommend:

TheStrawhatno: While I haven't watched a ton of their stuff lately, they're a super underrated Let's Play channel that is legit the funniest I've ever seen. Like legit laughed to tears a number of occasions, and they're solid Let's Plays even beyond comedy.

SuperBunnyHop: Some of the best actual journalism and critique in gaming, does fantastic videos and any interesting topic, sometimes including obscure things most people wouldn't think about.

8 bit music theory: Actual music theory for video game music. A bit above my knowledge, but is still a genuinely cool thing to see explained in such detail for certain songs.

Mega64: Those guys that made this thing, remember?

Yeah you should watch them, they're consistently this good. Should be even more popular than they are, they've been doing this forever.

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Jacob Geller - I don't know how exactly to describe this channel, but basically it's full of some of the best video essays using video games I've ever watched. Absolutely worth watching. For a few gaming-focused favorites: "Control, Anatomy, and the Legacy of the Haunted House", "Gaming's Harshest Architecture: NaissancE and Alienation", and "The Decade-Long Quest For Shadow of the Colossus' Last Secret."

Good Blood - Channel is pretty dead and there are only a handful of videos, but "OCARINA OF TIME - A Masterclass in Subtext" is exceptional.

DougDoug (and Twitch: DougDougW) - Bizarre antics and a great since of humor make for an unusually enjoyable channel. Favorite: "Can Twitch Chat beat ITSELF in a Videogame Tournament"

Jeremy Parish - Videos discussing the history of and discussing every game on various Nintendo platforms in order of release.

Noclip - High production documentaries on various game developers. Lots of interesting material.

Other good video essay/analysis/discussion/review channels:

Errant Signal
Joseph Anderson

Just Someloggery
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I watch lots of Splatoon related content
GG Gabriel Gaming
That Bald Gamer
I also watch some other stuff
Alpharad Plus
Scott The Woz
Spawn Wave
I also enjoy watching sonic speedruns too!



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