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Topic: What first got you into the Zelda series?

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My first Zelda game was Four Sword Adventures but Wind Waker is the one that really got me into the series

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Oracle of Seasons. Everything about it was exactly what I wanted out of a game at the time.

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OoT... on the GC collector's disc.

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OoT 3D because there were no games on 3DS at launch and that was the only quality looking release coming soon. If i didnt play OoT, i would have to wait till Oct. to play any games.

So OoT was my introduction into the series

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Ocarina of Time on Virtual Console. Heard it was amazing, so I played it. It was.


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I started playing Zelda with Link's Awakening DX for GBC. I believe it was the third game I ever owned (unless I got Pokemon Red first, in which case it was probably the fourth, my memory is kind of hazy). I loved that game, but I was just so bad at it, likely because I was around four or five at the time. I never got a chance to beat it because I randomly lost it (it remains the only game that I've ever lost). Luckily, though, I bought it on Virtual Console. Playing it again was a very nostalgic experience, yet also fresh since I couldn't remember exact details.
Still, I didn't own very many Zelda games until I was older. I mean, I had Oracle of Ages and Seasons, which I liked a lot, and I had the fantastic Minish Cap, but I didn't own any 3D Zelda games except for Wind Waker, and I believe I got stuck and stopped playing pretty early on. I remember being blown away at a friend's house after seeing the graphics of Twilight Princess on his Gamecube. I had recently purchased a Wii at this point, so I naturally got Twilight Princess for Wii. I liked it a lot, although I suppose it was a little dark for twelve year old me.
I later purchased a used Ocarina of Time for N64 at a Gamestop for like ten dollars, and I enjoyed it emmensely. Still, my favourite in the series was Skyward Sword. It's just such a pleasure to play, the graphics were ideal for me (except for the noses on the character models), and it felt so incredibly epic. We'll see what comes out on Wii U, but I'm not sure if anything can top Skyward Sword (from a personal perspective, of course).




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When I was 12, I played the OOT demo on SSBB. I love the five minutes I had with it and downloaded the full game. Loved that game so much I sought out the others in the series.

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