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Who else is looking forward to it? Who do you want to see play which roles. I know I want to see Nolan North play Nathan Drake. Inhope some info on the movie actually comes out some time.



When was this announced!?
I'm not up to date on anything. Anyhoo, it sounds great.

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Konata wrote:

When was this announced!?
I'm not up to date on anything. Anyhoo, it sounds great.

I'm not surprised you haven't heard of it. They haven't even started filming yet and the main character hasn't been casted and they keep switching who is making the movie. It's taking its sweet fat time sadely so it will be while before a peep of info comes out on it that isn't it's being made.



It is exciting. The movie should be just like playing the game minus the QTEs. my pants.


I could care less honestly. I liked the Uncharted games well enough, but more for the novelty (for me at the time at least) of a cinematic action game than the story or characters themselves. Unless it stars someone cool like Cutter.
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I like Sully. I don't like Uncharted.

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I don't think it's ever going to get made to be honest.

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