Topic: Mods. How Did You Become A Mod?

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Nanaki wrote:

Mods are selected from our community members who show diligence in sticking to the rules, respect other members and set a good example. When we are looking to recruit new Mods, we'll usually approach them ourselves Don't frett, though, we do all read these forums (even if we lack the time to contribute to many threads) so, just like Santa, we know who is naughty and who is nice

As for reviewers, they are more often than not posted on the site so that everyone may apply openly. You'll notice the ad when we are looking for fresh blood.

If you ever needed more Mods, I'd be interested as well


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Buy a scooter
Attach many mirrors to said scooter
buy a Parker coat
buy a union jack flag
attach flag to said parker
start listening to "The Who"
And your there !!!!

But i think we need some "Rockers" to even it up

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