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I've been a Nintendo fan for 20-something years now (my first console was the NES) and a member of NL since 2013, but I'm new to using the forum. I've had a look around and it looks very cool, so I'm looking forward to posting with you all!

It's that one guy.


Hey everyone! Just got here looking forward to chatting with you all =)



Hello Nintendolife! I’ve been lurking for a while and thought it was about time I got involved. You’ll mostly see me in the Switch threads. Cheers

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im new here myself.
seems cool.
does anyone like super mario 3, zelda or sonic?
is altered beasts a rare game?

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the_shpydar wrote:
As @ogo79 said, the SNS-RZ-USA is a prime giveaway that it's not a legit retail cart.
And yes, he is (usually) always right, and he is (almost) the sexiest gamer out there (not counting me) ;)


Altered Beast is so rare it took a new person like me to find it!

(I just saw this thread... half a year late)


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Hey everyone Chris here! I go by KidOrellana online though. Uhhh let's see pretty much a huge Nintendo fanatic. every console I've owned has only been Nintnedo besides my Xbox One. Anyways I look forward to contributing with an amzing community! Oh and I stream Nintendo content at
Pleasure to be here!

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Hey 'Lifers - finally decided to be brave and write some words!

Bit older than most I'd wager having started gaming waaaay back in the 80's (yes they really were a thing); what that means is i've owned/played just about every console imaginable and consequently have no real bias towards any platform/manufacturer - they've all made amazing AND terrible stuff!

Whilst I was primarily an Xbox gamer with a penchant for PC stuff (4X/strategy) and a PS4/Vita for exclusives/JRPGs, since the switch has come along I've fallen in love - if there's a switch version of a game I want I'll nearly always buy it on there - it's great to see Nintendo back on form!



Oh hi

Thirty something who enjoys Nintendo games the best. Has a Gameboy, 3DS, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U and Switch. PS1 and PS3 as well. Thinking of a PS4, but the list of games I really want remains pretty slim. Hyped for Smash.



hi everyone,

i'm from Switzerland and a life-long nintendo fan since the early nineties. I've written ten-thousands of posts in german-speaking gaming forums, because it is my native language. ("swiss german" to be exact)

I want to improve my english skills, so i thought it would be a good idea to sign up for an english speaking forum about nintendo.

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Feel free to inform me if i made any grammar mistakes - i'm here to improve my english skills. :)


@moek welcome! I’ve only been here about 7 days longer than you, but rest assured if your first post is the usual standard of your English then you have absolutely nothing to worry about and will put plenty of English speaking natives to shame!



Hey there. I'm pretty 'new', I guess? I made my account on here a couple months ago and I've been lurking around even longer. I want to be somewhat more active so I figured I'd introduce myself here first.
So, yeah. Nice to meet you all! Feel free to add me on Switch - my friend code/ID is on my profile.


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Hello hello,

Just signed up and could see myself spending a lot of time here! I used to frequent the oldschool NSider forums. Nowadays I just use Reddit and Discord, haven't been on a traditional forum in years.



I've been posting in the forum and news comments for some time already, but never introduced myself.

Hi, I'm Toni (male name in my country, even with an i), 36 year old from Barcelona, Catalonia, and have been playing video games since the MSX, my first system ever. After that I asked for a Game Boy, a Mega Drive and a Saturn, so my gaming life was more Sega than Nintendo. Still a Sega fan, but after the Saturn failure I abandoned video games and for about 5 years or so I didn't even play. When I came back I started trying to catch up and bought a lot of games and consoles from the generation I had skipped (Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, Xbox and Gamecube) and also retro, which I didn't play as much as I should have because I started with a huge backlog. Since my comeback I've been committed to video games.

I love Nintendo because it embodies, to me, the old school video games, so for me it's like an heir to Sega's legacy, strange as it may sound. In other brands I'm into Xbox, no PlayStations for me after PS2, which I bought second-hand just because everybody had it and I didn't want to be left behind. And I have the first PlayStation because someone gave it to me a few years ago.

So, I'm a Sega-Nintendo fan and like this website because of its style and the people who writes and comments.

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What up, peeps? I guess you could call me a long time lurker. I get most of my Nintendo news from here and have always enjoyed reading the comments. Never really crossed my mind to join until today, though. Seemed like a great community and happy to be here.

I don't have much to say about myself, but obviously I am a gamer. I own a PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. My Xbox One doesn't get touched often, but it's there. Nintendo has really won me over with the Switch, and I think it's safe to say it is my favorite console right now. Very excited for the future. I'm a huge fan of Final Fantasy, Mario, and Zelda. That's about all I got, D3adPool out!




I've been reading this site for a while and decided to finally sign up because sometimes I have things to say. I'm sort of a Nintendo-only gamer by circumstance, I have health issues that don't allow me to sit in front of a screen for hours and for some reason I hate using a PC for games, so portable gaming it is.


@Kurusu @Juice_Campbell @Moroboshi876 @D3adPool @Manah

Welcome to all of you. I'm sorry nobody's greeted you yet- I rarely visit this forum, and I imagine most others are the same way.

Feel free to join in the discussions. The more people here who actually want to discuss games and not sow discontent in the comments the better. There's people of all types on this site- some only play Nintendo, while others (like myself) own every console. But the one thing we all have in common is a passion for Nintendo games/hardware, and that mostly translates into Nintendo Switch nowadays. Most general discussion takes place in the Nintendo Switch thread, while discussions focused on specific games can be found in the thread for the game in question.

There's also a thread for sharing friend codes, though many simply add each other within the game's thread as they look to play online.

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Heyo, folks. Just found this forum and decided to hop in fully since I bought my Switch a few weeks ago. Primarily a PC Gamer but the portability of the Switch won me over and I cannot say I regret my decision to fully embrace the Switch.

Glad to be in good company here!



I probably should have done this last month, but hello everyone. I’ve been lurking on and off since about 2015, but never joined because I didn’t have an email. This site is a great way to pass the time and the community is really nice, even if you ask something that’s pretty obvious. So yeah… I have my SoundCloud in the profile signature, would recommend to those that like pro-rock. It’s great to be here, I guess.

Please notify me if you want to add me on Switch before sending a request. It makes my life easier.

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Hello everyone! I'm from UK and am currently playing lots of Monster Hunter Stories.


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Hi guys, I just found out about this site yesterday & decided to join. Looked like a fun and active place to me. Currently I own a PS4, but I'm definitely going for the switch! You guys got some cool exclusives that I just cannot ignore!



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