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Hi everyone! Nintendo fan-designer here. I was hoping maybe to chat with some other artists on here that are inspired by Nintendo games. Check out the link in my signature if you want to see some of my Mario and Zelda designs. Look forward to talking to y'all.

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Hello. Been a member on this site for a few months now but I haven't really introduced myself. I'm from the Philippines but I currently work here in Japan. I have been a fan of a couple Nintendo Games since I was a kid, especially Pokemon and Legend of Zelda. I'm also into Golden Sun, Fire Emblem, and Super Smash Bros (my friends and I played the N64 version via emulator everyday during college). My hobbies include making papercrafts (mostly Pokemon) and collecting books and magazines - I already have a lot of Nintendo magazines here LOL. I currently own a 3DS and Switch. One of my favorite games in the Switch is Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It felt like I was watching a movie!

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Hey, everyone! I've been playing video games for most of my life, but I only really got into gaming a few years ago. My favorite games are RPGs and action-adventure games like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Breath of the Wild, but I also have a soft spot for puzzle and mystery games like the Zero Escape series.


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Hello everyone!
I'm 34 years old and live in Belgium. I've been playing video games since the NES days, primarily on Nintendo platforms, but I've dabbled in PC gaming for a couple of years as well.

From platformers, fighting games and schmups to top-down dungeon crawlers and RPGs; I can find enjoyment in pretty much all genres. I strongly prefer my gameplay to be in 2D though. For some reason the third dimension mainly brings frustration to my gaming experiences.

Aside from playing games, I love listening to their soundtracks when I'm at home and on public transport. I also watch a lot of movies. My favorite directors are Quentin Tarantino and Edgar Wright.

I hope to become a respected contributor to Nintendo Life's community.



Hi everyone, I started posting sporadically a few weeks back. I've been reading the news on the site regularly since the Switch came out (and occasionally ever since the days of Wii virtual console).

I'm a 39 year old Nintendo fan from the UK, with job, wife and kids meaning I don't get nearly as much gaming time as I'd like. I grew up on the NES, gameboy and SNES though (then N64, GBA, Gamecube, DS, Wii, 3DS, Wii U - yep had em all).

I also like music (playing and listening), reading, writing and generally stuff!
I'm also friendly on the whole, so hi!


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Hello! I've been lurking ever since 2010. I was introduced to nintendo life because I was looking to get some dsiware games and this was pretty much the only place that reviewed most of them. Years later, something compelled me to finally to make an account. So here I am!

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Hey all. Been visiting Nintendo Life for a while and finally decided to make an account. Call me judaspete, props to any fellow metal heads who get the reference.

Recently got a Switch along with ARMS and Mario Kart. Bayonetta 2 is next on my list as I'm a huge fan of Platinum Games/Clover Studios.

See you around.

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Hey everybody! I wanted to say hey and let everyone know that my partner and I have recently made the transition to becoming a Nintendo console focused household and we have been enjoying gaming like we have when we were younger thanks to games like tropical freeze, Kirby, Mario kart, hyrule warriors and many more because of local co-op play. I am so excited to start diving into Nintendo life and becoming an active member of the community. If you want to leave your friend code in the comments I am always looking to make new friends. Hope everyones week has been amazing and you are all looking forward to the long weekend!
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BOOM! How's it going everyone? NinTenHoe is here!! Hope I can acquaint all of you here! I love making new friends

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Hi everyone,

Im new here like the title says n a huge noob! Lol but im glad to be here!

I do hope to get to learn alot of new things chat with ppl n get to make all kinds of new friends!!

But im from canada im 24 years old and a stay at home dad to a 19month old girl n soon a boy in july! i own ps4 xbox one n switch i also loveeeee tattoos
(Just a bit about myself)


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I made this account about a week ago, but never introduced myself, so here is a little bit about myself: I own a 2DS and Wii but hardly ever play Wii anymore, I really like platformers like Kirby and Super Mario, Super Smash Bros is one of my favorites. I may eventually get a Nintendo Switch, but I'm really enjoying playing all the 3DS games I missed.

Currently playing: Sm4sh, (always) Terraria, Mario & lulgi: deam team.
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Hello im a newbe here only just got my switch a few weeks back so far got zelda, donkey kong, super mario oddessy,Ys Viii geting xenoblade chronicles 2 tomorrow.

havent got any online games most likely will in the next few months



Howdy, everyone!

My name is The Champion Eccentric (inb4usernametoolong). I'm a(n aspiring) YouTuber whose content focuses entirely on Nintendo and their IPs, making this forum a perfect fit for a guy like me. The details of the videos on my channel can be found on the channel itself!

I've been struggling to get something of an audience. I feel the reason is because I don't put myself out there anywhere near enough. So, seeing as that's something that needs to change ASAP, I thought the very first step would be to make an account here!

So, it's nice to meet you all! Expect me to be a pretty active member from here on out. From a Nintendo fanboy to others, I hope I can fit in here!
(also check out my channel etc etc shameless plug)

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Yello, Lloiddd from CO. I came here mostly for 3DS but I think I like the forum in general.



Just saw this topic. Joined maybe a week ago. Gave up on Nintendo for a long time but am finally getting back into it. Bought a Wii U recently and am hoping to get a Switch in the Fall. This forum is great.




I'm new to this forum, but not forums in general and certainly not to Nintendo.

Joined after enjoying the news articles on the home page and Twitter. Everyone seems nice, I promise to be as equally or nicer back!

I've a Nintendo themed Instagram I've recently started - Nintendo.Matt

Enjoy your day and chat on the forums

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Hello, I'm new to this forum.

Also, if anyone would like to add me to their friend's list on the wii u I would appreciate it.

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Hey everyone! I'm Sam, I'm 16 and I have been a big fan of NintendoLife for about a year! (as well as Nintendo for that matter, just for longer)
I love RPGs, cartoons, anime, movies, music, girls and just generally having fun! Recently I've been super into Conception II (3DS version), Strange Journey Redux (I really like Atlus), Donkey Kong Country Returns, Mario RPG, the original F-Zero & Mario Kart 8 DX!
I'm looking forward to Smash Ultimate, TWEWY Final Remix, SMT V, and that rumored Starfox racing game.
I'm really into weird psych, punk and folk rock like Devo, The Coneheads, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, David CW Briggs and the like!

I'm really excited to meet you all, make friends and share juicy* Nintendo news!!

*sam is not legally liable for your perceived juiciness of said nintendo news

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