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Topic: The "Morphin' Time!" Thread of Awesomeness! (Power Rangers)

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GundamMac wrote:

Retro_on_theGo wrote:

Man, I don't care what anyone says. I so want to keep buying the zord toys. Those things were always and still are sooo awesome! I hope the older ones aren't too expensive on eBay. XD

Now you know why I still get Gundam Models. Awesome-looking robot toys = Win. BTW, I still have some of my old Zords that I can unload for cheap if you're interested.

Hey, that'd be great! Could you pm me a list of ones your willing to sell on BL? Thanks for the offer!

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The Megazord/Zord toys I had and probably still have somewhere are the Origional Dino Zords/Megazord, Dragon Zord, Titanus, Thunder Zords/Thunder Megazord, Tor the shuttle Zord, White Tiger Zord, Ninja Zords + Falcon Zord/Ninja Mega Zord, Shogun Zords/Shogun Megazord and Serpentera Lord Zedds Zord that (in the show) always ran out of power right before it was about to beat the Power Rangers.

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GundamMac wrote:


Go Zeo~ Seriously, I still have the Zeo Rangers theme song stuck in my head.

Forgot how cool these guys were.

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^Was it really worth bumping a year old Tendoboy thread just for that? Really?

I'm gonna need a hard drink to forget I ever watched that. Adios.

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