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Hey guys, as the topic says im testing out some new usernames. Just wondering which username u guys think is best out of the following so i can use it for my PSN ID:

DaDun - elements of first and last name combined
Drizzydid - just because lol
Damico21 - part of my first name and my favorite number

Let me know what u guys think so i can decide, also, how did u guys think of ur own usernames? i always find aliases hard to think of and more importantly STICK WITH lol

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i like the second... i say to just find something you love, modify it so it's memorable, and roll with it. but i do think consistency is always a good thing. just my thoughts.

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I wouldn't go with anything that sounds really weird and/or has numbers in the name (AKA go with the first one). Numbers make the name sound VERY unoriginal and a weird name basically screams abnormal person (even thought almost everybody on the internet is abnormal, we try to keep some sanity once-in-a-while).

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DrizzyDid sounds great.

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