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What games have you tried out that you didn't know you would like as much as you do? I can say this is true of No More Heroes. I was always excited about this game when I heard it was coming out, but when I finally bought it, I thought it was amazing, and it's the best game on Wii in my opinion.

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De Blob. I got it at a going out of business sale for like $10, and that's the only reason I bought it. As soon as I started playing it though I fell in love. The music is phenomenal, and the art style is brilliant. It has its flaws, but it's one of the most creative games I've ever played.

The Conduit surprised me, too...mainly because I was expecting that it couldn't live up to the hype. I just wish the online matches were less buggy.




Yeah, isn't de Blob great? Can't believe you got it for $10!



Water Warfare,I didn't excpet a water gun shooter game to be so fun.



I remember just one game that really surprised me that way, Dragon's Lair 3D for GC, I got it from a friend, I thought it was gonna be just another X game, but I couldn't stop playing it until it was 100% complete; I haven't found a game lately that makes me do that.

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Water Warfare, definitely! What a coincidence that The Conduit and Water Warfare get virtually simultaneously here in the States. Two vastly different approaches, but both enormously entertaining shooters - and at different ends of the pricing spectrum, I might add.

EDIT: CB, I've been tempted to get Da Blob. I gotta check it out.

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Sexy Beach 3...



that Big Beach Sports game surprised me in the way that it didn't make me commit suicide from it even though i was pretty dang close to.

but anyway, the real game that surprised me was SSB Melee. back when i was 8 or 9, every recess my two best friends would just talk about it on and on, and i didn't have the game so i just talked with some other kid. over the days, i gradually started to dislike Smash Bros (even though i had never played it) just because i could never change the conversation topic with my friends. anyway, one day i went to my friends house and he set me up on Melee, i really, REALLY sucked but i got addicted to the game. i found myself thinking of the game in class, just visualizing matches or inviting myself over to my friends just to play the game. i finally pushed my mom to buy a whole gamecube with Melee with it and i think i almost set a record for most video games in a day for myself

and brain age also surprised me but i dont have a long story to go with that

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