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Ok so I am finally getting around to fixing up my new place and I have one slight question. I want to hang up my CN Zelda posters but I want to keep them in good shape so I was thinking of putting them in like plastic. So I am just wondering is there anything like poster protectors out there and if so where can I get some at?

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You can get cheap poster frames at art stores that come in all sizes. They usually have a backing board you place the poster on, then a piece of plastic goes on top then you snap the frame onto it. Something that like costs around $15-20 maybe.

Check out movie poster websites, as a few of them sell various plastic sleeves that can hold posters too. I think looking for some at art stores though would be the cheapest option. Or you could go to a framing store if you wanted something nice and more professional, but it will cost a lot more.



i use thumbtacks for most of mine, sometimes i use frames/poster frames

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