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I saw the movie trailer and I thought, "OH MAH GAWD! Elder Scrolls movie!" And then I was the actual movie clips. D:

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Tasuki wrote:

kkslider5552000 wrote:

just leave Tasuki, you're looking bad now

Well please forgive me I didnt know that making a mistake makes you look bad around here. Maybe next time you all should be more descriptive in a title. I saw Oblivion and I thought it was about a game not some stupid Tom Cruise movie. Honestly who pays attention to that guy anyway?

Its not your fault Tasuki, this would be a lot better thread if it was about the Elder Scroll games.
Gotta say, I'm having a blast with Skyrim.

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Forever living to inappropriately touch the mentalities of armchair internet gaming analysts and worthless console war fanboys... Let their sad stories burn eternally within my inbox furnace of hell ;)

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