Topic: My Club Nintendo pins have still not arrived.

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I got the email that they were shipping over two weeks ago. It said it would only take 4-10 business days, and nothing I've got from them in the past took this long to get here. I'm starting to think that maybe it was taken to the post office, but all of the other things I've got from Club Nintendo were just left at my doorstep. Anyone have an idea?

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Check to see if there's any tracking information. That or actually contact Nintendo themselves rather than asking some forum

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It's Christmas time, Christmas cards, gifts etc are being sent, as well as some peoples CN reward.

They will turn up soon, and 10 business days is 2 weeks, so you'll probably get them next week.


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@bub166: the package is oddly-shaped and can't be bent, so mine i had to pick up from the post office — are you sure you didn't miss that little card in your mailbox by mistake? if not, I'd give it time... last year's reward finally made it to me about two weeks after everyone got theirs, which was another two weeks or so after the e-mails were sent out, making it a month from the time i was notified it'd been sent. yours could just be hung up in the system this time around instead of mine :3

You could also try contacting Nintendo directly to see if they have anything to say?

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