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Topic: Most Neglected Gaming Console(s)?

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For me it's the PS1 and PS2. I don't dislike either of the consoles, but I never bought any games for them. During the PS1 era, I can only think of one game that was mine (other than that I just played whatever dad bought), but even whenever I was able to get PS1 games through the PSP I didn't start doing it until recently. I didn't play it as much as the N64 either. As for the PS2, I was more of an Xbox and Gamecube fan, so it just sat there collecting dust most of the time. Recently, I've really been regretting not getting any games for either consoles which is why I've starting purchasing PS1 games recently.

So, what's yours?

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GameCube and Xbox.

None of those felt like they had any remarkable titles at the time for me. Wind Waker did not make as big of a impression as OOT did and neither did Super Mario Sunshine, looking back on it now those are some great classics and I can't wait for the HD version of WW. But I rarely played the GC. The Xbox was just paperweight at the time, I got it as a present and MS was new in the business so I didn't know much about them or the system which lead to me neglecting it throughout its lifetime.

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Nintendo DS.

I had enough games to enjoy it momentarily but after about two years, I never looked back.

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For me probably Nintendo DS and the GBA. As great as those systems are at the time I just wasn't interested in handheld gaming. I think I own like 5 games on GBA and they were mostly remakes like the Final Fantasy 1 and 2, Final Fantasy IV, The Legend of Zelda: ALttP and The Legend of Zelda. The only new games I had on the GBA were Mario Kart: Super Circuit and the Castlevania Double Pack.

For the DS I really only owned three games Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, Nintendogs and Children of Mana. However now that I can play DS games on the 3DS I am now going back and playing alot of the DS games that I missed during the DS lifespan.

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I haven't neglected a console game-wise, but I have been playing less 3DS & no Wii lately.


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Hmm. If were talking about this gen. I would have to say PS3. Since I played most my multiplats on XBOX 360 and Wii for Nintendo exclusives and since PS3 exclusives like Resistance,Killzone,Uncharted,etc etc do not interest me. My PS3 didn't get played for like 2 years until Ni No Kuni came out(which is amazing).

But if were talking about all time, I would definitely have to say the original XBOX or GC. I barely even touched them. At that time all the games that I knew and loved were on PS2 and 90% of my time was devoted to that system so XBOX and GC rarely got turned on

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The Wii. I got it four years ago, and played it a total of twelve times to this date. If I had a classic controller though, I probably would have racked up a lot of time playing VC games, but there weren't really any retail ones which interested me.

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For me: PS3 - We pretty much only have it, so our dad can play MLB the Show. I've been thinking about taking the plunge & hitting up some PSone Classics, though.

In General: iOS - I think a lot of gamers simply don't take the time to look past Angry Birds, and disregard the good games it does have. Back when I had my iPod Touch, I enjoyed:

Chaos Rings
Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles
Resident Evil: Degeneration

It's been a long time since I've been in the iOS scene, so I'm sure the number of quality titles has only increased since then.

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Xbox 360. :)

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Of the consoles I've owned? Probably the Dreamcast, although that was largely due to it breaking down before I had a chance to really build up much of a library (and before I was old enough to get a job and buy a new console). I didn't even own a copy my favorite DC game (Power Stone 2).

Two of my friends at the time had Dreamcasts though, so in the end I still managed to play most of the great games in its library.

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Probably my SNES.. It just couldn't compare to the Genesis, and I already had all the SNES games I wanted on VC.

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Magikarp wrote:

The Wii. I got it four years ago, and played it a total of twelve times to this date. If I had a classic controller though, I probably would have racked up a lot of time playing VC games, but there weren't really any retail ones which interested me.

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