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So I don't play many games on my phone. If you have seen my comments on this site you can probably guess I have a rather low opinion of mobile games. But I do play a couple. Fire Emblem Heroes, Pokemon Go and Hearthstone.

One thing that consistently annoys me is this. I plug my phone in at night, set to download updates while charging and while I sleep - on wi-fi - so I don't waste data when I am out and about. I check in the morning and it'll say all apps up to date. Only to be sitting on the train an hour later, open Hearthstone or FE Heroes, and look at that, another download!

Why? This is stupid. The play store lists the apps as up-to-date but this is a frequent thing that happens. I use Android, so perhaps it is a weird google/android quirk, I don't know. I don't have an iOS device to test it on.

Anyone know why? I'd at least be a little less annoyed if there was a good reason for it.



The only thing I can guess is that either they are constantly updating or maybe they don't fully update overnight.

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Fire emblem tends to download extra data independently from the app updates (things like new characters and maps and stuff). It’s recommended that you launch the game in a place with WiFi. Specially since these downloads can be way larger than the updates.

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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@Yosheel But why is it separate? It makes no sense to me. I cannot think of any reason for it.



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