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Top 5

5. atari 2600
4. NES
3. Sega Genesis
1. Sony ps2

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The X360 (with 50% fail rate), the Playstation and Dreamcast, all ahead of the Wii and the N64. Yeah whatever!

Being a Nintendoid I should not have looked, as I knew I wouldn't like what I found. Oh well.



360 number 6? Ha. It shouldn't even be on that list. It is a terrible console. PS3 should have been moved up.

The Game.

Is it after 9PM EST? You should probably ignore the above post.


I stopped reading after I saw what they said about the 3DO system. Haven't looked at it since.

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If you guys didn't realize they said at the end of the video above that they would like to see what the 360 and PS3 can do in the later years.
They said nothing upon the Wii which I realized and got pissed.

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I'm not so sure that Sony's not going to ride the PS3 well into the next generation of consoles. By then it will be quite cheap to produce and still powerful. We've seen how popular the PS2 still is, so they might be thinking way down the line with this one.

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Corbie wrote:

I stopped reading after I saw what they said about the 3DO system. Haven't looked at it since.

Err... what did they say about 3DO that was so bad?
Or was it what they didn't say? Because they didn't say much.



I thought the N64 in particular would be a shoe-in for a place in the top five, I mean I personally love and can understand the ratings of the others on there, but you'd have thought with the at times ground-braking line-up the n64 had (the obvious candidates like mario 64, goldeneye and LoZ:OoT) would have seen it higher up the list?

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Playstation beats Dreamcast?
Intellevision beats Ps3?
Both X-boxs on that list at all?

hahahahahahahahahahahah Oh, man. IGN sunk to a new low.

That's why you're still a kid.
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Where'd they place the Cube?

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Outrunner wrote:

Where'd they place the Cube?

Number 16
I can't believe the X-Box 360 is ahead of PS1 and N64...

I'm not smart, just a lucky guesser.



3DO should have been higher on the list.
It was the first 32-bit system, pre-dating the 32x, Saturn, and Playstation by more than a year.
It also allowed for 4-player action via daisy-chaining the controllers (though player 1 could screw over player 2 by simply unplugging the controller from his own).
It also had internal memory - the only CD-based system of its era to not require a memory card to save your games.
It had an S-Video output too. Although not very many TVs at the time could even support S-Video, it was there anyway.

Games -
Somehow many of the developers got a hold of great music licenses. Road Rash had a soundtrack primarily featuring Soundgarden (4 songs). Way of the Warrior featured an all-White Zombie soundtrack (from La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1).

Notable games:
Road Rash (later ported to PSX as Road Rash 3D)
Return Fire (later ported to PSX)
Way of the Warrior
Primal Rage (later ported to PSX)
Super Street Fighter II Turbo (first 32-bit port of the game)
Myst (First console port of the game, aside from the CD-i)

The machine was way ahead of its time. The only problem with the system was that at launch, it retailed at $700 and was later abandoned by the very company that created it.



The list is very inaccurate,I mean come on THE 3DO.

VGM = Video Game Musician


The list is very inaccurate,I mean come on THE 3DO.

VGM = Video Game Musician


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