Topic: I hope in SSB4 the announcer and Master Hand are voiced by a celebrity

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DeviousSnorlax wrote:

Crazybrain1 wrote:

@Sensei_PikPik again...

What's with your hate against @Sensei_PikPik?

Nothing, its just that in the thread about the "CGI Mario Movie" he was being a jerk, that's all.
And he was doing it A LOT.

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Morgan Freeman.
He can make anything better with his voice.


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Tertis wrote:

Morgan Freeman.
He can make anything better with his voice.

When I saw the title of this thread, I immediately thought of Morgan Freeman.

Or Samuel L. Jackson. If you were playing as Snake on the F-Zero level, the announcer could be like "I'm tired of this [redacted] Snake on this [redacted] plane!"
And then you die.

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