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I was wondering I got the 3DSXL Last summer I still have it today. But recently I received the Nexus 7 its a cool gaming tablet but should I keep the 3dsxl or get rid of it they have so many games on the android plus the android game are free and so many games on the 3dsxl its quite tough to decide and I have a soft spot for all Nintendo games but I cant seem to make my mind up I still want to trade in my 3dsxl but I know pokemon x and y are coming out this fall im a huge Mario sonic and pokemon fan love it. But the Tablet also has good titles as well what should I do I want to have honest positive feed back because im trying to make a good idea on this

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trust me: keep your 3DS XL

android/iOS, etc. are for casual games, free 2 play shi* or 0,99cent cra* - 3DS XL is for gaming
you won't find any good stories/characters in those free android games, or any story at all... + how long are those games? 1hour?

  • most mobile games are extremely repetitive



Keep the 3DS XL
But not all mobile games are stupid, the're are some good games.

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I love the games available on the Google Play Store as well as for the App Store on iPhone/iPad. It's really more about what types of games you are more interested in playing than anything else. For instance, if you are a bigger fan of the games available on the Android and iPhone/iPad markets and you rarely play your 3DS (by rarely, I mean you haven't played with the thing in 6-7 months and have little incentive to), I wouldn't be totally against selling it. As much as this use to pain me to type out, mobile gaming (Android/iOS) is really coming along now. With Tegra 4 Nvidia and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 on the market, I can see mobile gaming growing (and I'm not against it ).

However, from the tone of your post, it seems as though you do value the games that may take a little longer to fully complete and have more complex gaming mechanics behind them. Not to mention, at this point, there hasn't been a game on smartphones or tablets, to my knowledge, that has been able to overcome the biggest concern for most dedicated video game players: accomplishing multiple tasks quickly with strong accuracy (little input lag) and precision. This has been the biggest flaw in the eyes of some gamers I know for mobile gaming...touchscreen gaming (in its current state), just does not compensate for buttons on a gaming controller or a mouse and keyboard. For these reasons, I say it may be best to hold on to your 3DS.

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3DS XL easily. Most "good" Android games are in the $8 range, and are the same quality of the games on the 3DS eShop at the same price. I'd keep the 3DS so when you want a "deeper" game you can just buy a $40 one.

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I scoff at the thought of someone using nothing but a tablet for playing games.

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