Topic: How Dynamic Do You Think Nintendo's First Party Games Are?

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The Wii U and 3DS plenty of support from Nintendo. While there are plenty of people that say Nintendo has a redundant plan for success. I've met people who say Nintendo makes plenty of unique titles. Even with Mario, there are people like me who will defend that 3D World is a fresh way to play Mario despite it being another adventure with the plumber.
Do you wish Nintendo to become more out-there with their big-name games, or games in general? And if so, how would you want Nintendo's software to become? Do you think Nintendo takes enough risks with the first party software as it is? Please comment below...

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I actually like things how they are right now.

Playing it somewhat safe with the big franchises and trying new ideas with new IP's.

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I like how most Nintendo games have High replayability I always catch myself going back Nintendo games I've already beaten 100% or on the hardest mode(inclusive or as usual)

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I think because Nintendo has some of the older and most well-known IPs in the business, they walk the line between safe/traditional and new/unknown. It really depends. It can also be hard to decide what is traditional and what needs to be in the game to make it a game for that franchise. If you make it too different, it's no longer what it once was. Mario 3D World and Galaxy are examples of trying something new, yet keeping elements that are staples in the game and making it work well. What does a Mario game need in order to keep being a Mario game?

Something like Zelda on the other hand, that's where the lines can start to blur. For a long time the formula was... "start game, do three dungeons, plot twist, do more dungeons, final boss, end of game".... I think we all agree that it got old. Zelda needed to evolve, thus ALBTW's more open concept. People loved it. Best thing that's happened to the series since Ocarina of Time.

Sonic is an example of too much change. Sega didn't know what they wanted to do with the series. They kept changing it over and over again. So they took it in a million different directions and for almost a decade the Sonic games were either "just okay" or "awful".

I feel like Nintendo needs to change and evolve franchises, absolutely. Look at Metroid. Retro made it into an FPS/FPA and it worked really well. So vast change isn't always a bad thing either. But I think when they want to bring new ideas to the table that wouldn't match the current IP line, that's when they should do new IPs.



I don't think any game can be that dynamic. Fans just don't like to have their games changed, even the tiniest of changes tends to make some fans overreact. Basically what @Gamecubed said in the first paragraph.

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mamp wrote:

I don't think any game can be that dynamic. Fans just don't like to have their games changed, even the tiniest of changes tends to make some fans overreact. Basically what @Gamecubed said in the first paragraph.

The Call of Duty developers actually received death threats when they made a minor tweak to a weapon:
Funny how people keep complaining that every CoD game is identical yet complain about every change that's made. Damned if you, damned if you don't.

As for Nintendo, a lot of people hate Zelda II and Mario Sunshine because they're too different than their predecessors. With that said, I'm pretty satisfied with what Nintendo is doing. Their games tend to be familiar while still feeling fresh. The first Mario Galaxy blew me away; I was bored with 3D platformers by then but that game's incredible level design showed that the genre can still be innovative.


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