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I am gonna pounce.... but when?

[13:12] LordJumpMad stick his thong out at eme
[17:24] LordJumpMad: I will never male you happy >:[
[21:11] LordJumpMad: You insluted my words >:[
[16:32] turtlelink: gdi emmy. You're probly the best person I...



Omg yay!
pounces on Erica noms the cookie and purrs~

...ahem well, when will I pounce next people, stay tuned~! Untitled

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[13:12] LordJumpMad stick his thong out at eme
[17:24] LordJumpMad: I will never male you happy >:[
[21:11] LordJumpMad: You insluted my words >:[
[16:32] turtlelink: gdi emmy. You're probly the best person I...



BadKitty wrote:

I am gonna pounce.... but when?

Now!! didn't get it.....uugg

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Since I am an actual psychic (see profile for proof) and my third favorite Pokemon is an Espeon I will take over the readings. Fairy hit me up on the Astral Plane and so it's cool too.

[looks into crystal balls]

Jaz007 wrote:

okay.. eh may well. hit me up for love. Edit: just saw the requrements, and nope, not doing that. You need that stuff, pff, some phychic you are.

Love reading cookie says- "You can't make a shot you never take."

Philip_J_Reed wrote:

Okay, I PM'd you.

The Squirming Coil of sunset, I keep within my reach. Tried yesterday to get away and hitchhiked to the beach. I saw Satan on the beach trying to catch a ray. He wasn't quite the speed of light and the squirming coil it got away....
(It makes since if you read the PM!)

Reala wrote:

Do you also have telekinesis? if so raise my hand.

Sorry I am only telephobic and not teleketic. u__u

theblackdragon wrote:

I have a hard time making friends...... what can I do to rectify the situation?.

1. Go outside
2. Shake booty
3. ???
4. Profit!

p.s. I am best cooked medium rare and would taste great with some Au jus sauce.

pixelman wrote:

When will I finish Kid Tripp?

On the exact same day I get married. So.......Never! lololololololololol

DeviousSnorlax wrote:

Should I cut the Red Wire,Or the Blue Wire?

Never cut the red wire. smh, thought everyone knew this......

Bulby wrote:

My question is, will my game be any good?

It might be a freight train of suck but I know it will be the coolest game with Deadpool in the title. Go eat a hot pocket and think about what you've done for humanity.

The_Fox wrote:

The problem I have is that my neighbors dog keeps telling me to do things, much of which isn't exactly kosher. What I want to know is whether I should act on the advice or should I tell the pooch (whom I suspect may be possessed) to take a hike?

Hmmmm, I guess I can throw you a bone on this one. Does the advice involve pooing, peeing, or humping random things? If yes then listen to his advice. All dogs are geniuses when it comes to these subjects. Anything else he is telling you is kibbles and bits of bad news man.

CaptainSquid wrote:

My name is Gary Busey,...... I would like to know if the girl across the street likes me. I would PM you but I can't find the button.

I don't think she likes you. She is scared of you if that helps.......

BadKitty wrote:

Are you sexy?

Yes. Incredibly.

BadKitty wrote:

I can't get these guy's off of me.... pweeease offer some assistance

Beat them off........with a crowbar.

BadKitty wrote:

Do you see it being successful?

Yes. I see lots of smiles and money in your future. I also see lots of glitter and smashed watermelons to..........weird.

Adam wrote:

Hi, my name is Adam. I do not know how to read. What is your advice?


.......and all blew all my psychic juices for the day. Hope that helped!!!! n______n

[insert 25 Cents here to play]


best. thread. ever.
edit: locked because there's no topping that. seriously.

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