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I noticed last night when getting YouTube videos for the game music contest that there are some amazing remixes there! One thing I was impressed with is how good 8 and 16 bit chip tunes from more recent games sound! And I found an orchestral Dancing Mad from FF VI that just blew me away. As did a remix of one of my contest entries, Prelude to the Void from FF V (felt like I was thisclose to being swallowed by the void, OMG...). Started to make a different thread for this since it isn't OSTs, but rather remixes. Should there be another thread for this? Anyway, here are the two I mentioned above... actually it's more because Dancing Mad is in several parts.

Prelude to the Void
Dancing Mad 1
Dancing Mad 2
Dancing Mad 3

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Super Mario Kart- Rainbow Road

I raced on this track for the first time in my years of playing this game!

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My favorite tracks include pretty much everything from Secret of Mana - Hiroki Kikuta's soundtrack amazed me back in the day, a real showcase of what the SNES sound chip could do.

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Dear God, Xenoblade's soundtrack is magnificent:

Colony 9:

Bionis' Leg/Gaur's Plain:

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never mind. This:

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Pop'n TwinBee - Far East Sky

A couple days ago, I got TwinBee Portable for the PSP, a compilation (comprised of the original TwinBee, the arcade version of Detana!! TwinBee, TwinBee Yahho!, Pop'n TwinBee, and TwinBee Da!!) which I imported weeks ago from Japan. Really fun compilation, and the games in it are great, too. This is my favorite song from Pop'n TwinBee, as it's very fun to listen to. I really like how atmospheric it sounds. When I first heard it two days ago, man was I impressed.

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That smash brothers picture above reminded me that Diddy Kong Racing for 64 had a pretty cool soundtrack. Also while we're on the racing theme, Jet Moto for PS1 had pretty good music. It was almost like a Tarantino (beginning titles of Pulp Fiction) esque James bond guitar going on. Another couple games with good ones were Twisted Metal's 2 and 3, again PlayStation1. Cranking out the White Zombie, Fuel and other good artists/tracks.

Jet Moto: (Title Track) (Cliff Diver) (this one sounds like that one New York track in Twisted Metal 2 with some Goldeneye 64 accents in there. It's amazing how some tracks for different games back in the day were so eerily similar.)
DKR: (Pirate Lagoon)
TM2: (Paris)

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Right now, Metroid Medley by Derris-Kharlan. But that's a remix, so my favorite original game song would have to be Phendrana Battle.

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MetroidMasher17 wrote:

Right now, Metroid Medley by Derris-Kharlan. But that's a remix, so my favorite original game song would have to be Phendrana Battle.

SO close. My favorite song from the Metroid series is the main song of Phendrana Drifts.

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Gotta love Plants vs. Zombies.

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