Topic: Favourite Video Game Music Track?

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Lets just put it this way, if you havent heard these songs, it would be a shame. Play this game ASAP and all the other Prime games. Videogame masterpieces.

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Aren't these threads just one big Copyrite violation?
Well as long as we're all breaking the law here's a few I like.


Well the cops should be at my door any minute now.

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here we go!


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Cause it's in the same spirit as the brilliant RE/BH 2 and 3 Soundtracks.
In fact, i'm convinced that this track was a 'leftover' of the aforementioned titles...

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Beyond Good & Evil: Mammago's Garage

Beyond Good & Evil: Epic Fight Theme

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The Conduit: Disc Channel theme

The Conduit: Main Menue theme

  • All Songs from OoT



Have to post this. Final boss theme from Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Awesome! Matter of fact, I love what few original After Years tracks are mixed in with classic FF IV tunes! And what is it about Final Fantasy last boss music? It's ALWAYS epic, whomever the composer! Once thought nobody could do it but Nobuo Uematsu, but I was wrong. Junya Nakano does justice to the FF name here!

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