Topic: Favourite Video Game Music Track?

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Put my copies of zelda reorchreasted oot, ww, tp on shuffle.


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I love the whole Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack. Ghusty Garden, Throwback Galaxy, Puzzle Plank and Tall Trunks Big Slideare my favorites.

The soundtrack for Xenoblade is also totally amazing. Everything is so catch and nice to listen to. The most surprising soundtrack for me this year. Probably my favorite this year too. I not even sure if Zelda will beat it. Colony 9 day and night are just awesome!

I love Croc too. Pretty old game, but it's awesome. And the music was just fantastic. Gives me such a load of natalgia listening to it. Adventure, Ice of Life, Over/Underground, Boss.

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Going to download some music next week so could anyone recommend any godd soundtracks. Riht now i have

Cave story remix project
Mass effect
Mass effect 2
Scott Pilgrim game soundtrack
Twilight princess
Ocrinca od time
Wind waker


Hey check out my awesome new youtube channel shingi70 where I update weekly on the latest gaming and comic news form a level headed perspective.

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Banjo-Kazooie, the entire soundtrack, but especially Grunty's Castle, Treasure Trove Cove, and Click Clock Wood (all seasons, but Spring in particular), and I also love the DK rap from DK64. I particularly like how in BK whenever you near the entrance to a world, the Grunty's Castle theme changes to a version themed after that particular world.



I've been on a Castlevania kick lately, with the talk of the anniversary and all. The awesome music (it consistently has some of the best music in gaming) is something I've treated myself to. Well, I realized something earlier. The main characters have some absolutely mind-blowing good themes! Thought I'd post some here. Simon's Theme is what I've always wanted if I could use a theme song from a video game, but I'm tempted by Juste Belmont and Alucard's themes with them fresh in my mind! Anyone else love these?
Simon's Theme (Super Castlevania IV version)
Successor of Fate (Juste Belmont's theme... this is slightly cleaned up from the GBA original)
Beginning (Trevor Belmont's theme)
Bloodlines (Richter Belmont's theme, this video an assortment of versions)
The Tragic Prince (Alucard's theme)
Dance of Illusions (Dracula's theme)
Pitch Black Intrusion (Soma Cruz... maybe not officially his theme, but it seems to represent him in Dawn of Sorrow)

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Castlevania Dance Remix (SotN Sega Saturn)

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Halo has awesome music

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Phantom Crash

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Man, is the second stage song from TwinBee Yahho! ever so uplifting and cheeful! My top favorite from my second favorite TwinBee title (my number one favorite being Pop'n TwinBee, and that's saying something, considering they're both equally excellent and fun, imo) [both of which I played on the PSP TwinBee Portable compilation, which I imported from Japan more than a month ago]. It's too bad that these games never got released in America.

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Final Fantasy IV (SNES version)


Lunar Whale

Tower of Babil

Land of Summons


Cry in Sorrow

Giant of Babil


Mist Cave


Dancing Doll Calcobrena



A Long Way to Go


Underground World

Tower of Zot


Boss 1

Boss 2


World Map


Baron Castle



Ruined Castle

Dwarf Castle


Welcome to Our Town!

Chocobo Theme

Fat Chocobo

Black Chocobo


Palom & Porom


Bomb Ring

The Lunarians

Last Battle

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Kirby's Return to Dreamland has my favorite final boss music in the series now.

Another Dimension, or the lead-up to the final boss battle

Final Boss Phase 1

Final Boss Phase 2

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I like pretty much all of the music in the following games, but I'll only post one of each

Yoshi's Island

Castlevania (all of them)

Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts

The Addams Family

Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt

Timesplitters 2

I'll stop for now, since I could go on forever

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