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WesCash wrote:

I really can't stand most anime/manga/whatever. Most of them look the same to me and they take themselves too seriously.
I will say that some older shows like Pokemon and Dragonball Z were pretty darn good. They tended to have a lot of the same type of humour and personality that many of the great western cartoons possessed.

Sailor moon also got a killer Dub back in the 90's when it was premiered on YTV. Loved that show! hehe. Plus, The Funimation Dragon Ball Z dub is hands down one of my favorite cartoons of all time...I was obsessed with DBZ(Cell Saga especially) at a near disturbing level during my mid teen years. bruce faulconers atmospheric synthasized score for the most part is flat out legendary. Packed so much heart, power and emotion into the show. And i think DBZ fans will agree, that Vegeta and Future Trunks are possibly the most bad ass characters to ever appear out of a cartoon series. I've honestly never gotten
chills from a cartoon before....But holy He-man was DBZ funkin' epic to the point where nothing else even comes close.

Anyways, i just can't get into most anime...That is, if it's the original Japanese audio, not to mention i can't stand a lot of those J-popish theme song introductions. It all just leaves me feeling cold....The voice overs typically don't stand out from one another either and there's usually hardly any music to speak of and when there IS it usually just doesn't connect with me or stand out. And i hate a lot of that stock generic anime where the character sport thsoe empty artifical & lifeless giant Doll eyes...Dragona Ball Z however had such an incredibly unique look... It had a slight western 80's/early 90's look to it that i really loved. DBZ had three head artists, where episodes usually went from looking ok, to good, to extremely detailed.

As for modern western cartoons, there aren't many really at all that i can even manage to sit through... I do like the new TMNT 2012 however, which is suprising because i can't stand most of these cheap CG cartoons or a lot of that uninspired 'flash' animated crap. Adventure Time seems pretty rad, but there's something about it that slightly puts me off...It's probably the art style.

Ahhh, i'm really in the mood for some Old School disney Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck shorts from the 1940-50's.
They're just magical.

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Cartoons, because anime can be hard for me to understand sometimes... Also to @HarmoKnight, not boasting, just stating a fact, but the U.S. invented motion-picture first (thank you Tomas Edison!), so yeah I'm pretty sure "animation" was before "anime" just saying.

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Anime wins, no contest.



I don't usually care if a show I watch is American made or anime. I watched alot of both back in the earlier half of the 2000 decade when I watched alot of Cartoon Network.


Knux wrote:

Anime wins, no contest.

There is something addicting to me about anime to me that westeren shows will never have. For a fews day in the summer when I had a lot of time I even watched 15 episodes in of an anime series in a day once.

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RR529 wrote:

rayword45 wrote:

I prefer western animation, as the styles vary a lot, whereas many anime feel either formulaic or bizarre in a more (for lack of a better term) creepy way

The stuff on Cartoon Network, for example, varies a lot in terms of style. The ultra-limited animation of Space Ghost Coast to Coast and 12 oz. Mouse, the incredibly vibrant cell animation in Ed Edd n Eddy, the high detail in shows like Robotomy and Sym-Bionic Titan, then the anime-esque shows like Thundercats.

Anime always seems to follow a similar art style. Plus I don't get the Japanese-cultured humor.

You used 12 Oz. Mouse in your defense of western animation O_O

I get where you're coming from, but c'mon, 12 Oz. Mouse!?! Surely you can come up with something better than that.

While I do prefer anime, I do understand why some would disagree (and I certainly appreciate your argument), & I personally do love a lot of western cartoons (Futurama, Dexter's Lab, King of the Hill, Venture Bros., Sym-Bionic Titan, Avatar, American Dad!, Teen Titans, Garfield & Friends, ect.), but I personally consider it a grave insult to those shows, to even mention the pile of s*** that is 12 Oz. Mouse, like it's in their league.

(I didn't even know there were people that liked it O_O)

It's an absurdist series like most shows on Adult Swim. you need to be able to comprehend (or you gotta be stoned) to enjoy it truly. There's actually a lot more then it appears at first glance.

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Looney Tunes

Some of the cartoon's I mentioned haven't been on air since the early 90's sorry just thinking off the top of my head some the cartoon's I used to watch.

I don't watch to much anime sorry...

Happy Gaming! (^_^)

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^ Even though I prefer anime, thank you for reminding me 2 Stupid Dogs existed. I loved that show as a kid.

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HarmoKnight wrote:

anime is just short for animation

Thank you, for ruining my liking for anime.

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Jaybuscus wrote:

HarmoKnight wrote:

anime is just short for animation

Thank you, for ruining my liking for anime.

You can still like Japanese anime over American though

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TheFlyingSquid wrote:

This was supposed to be a forum game.

Yeah but when they post 2 Western animes it's hard to compare between W anime and J anime with 2 W anime

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Depends on what I feel like watching. If I'm looking for humor, western cartoons are generally the way to go for me. If I'm looking for interesting plots and character development, I'll look to anime.

But I think this post further avoids the OP's intent.

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RevolverLink wrote:

But I think this post further avoids the OP's intent.

Not anymore than the rest of this thread. Only a few people even bothered to play along.

@Barbiegurl777 Just listed almost all the cartoons I and probably everyone else grew up watching, only missed Dexter's Lab, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Rocket Power, and Ed, Edd, n' Eddy I think. Anyone remember Kablam?



joker94 wrote:

Knux wrote:

Western cartoons win, no contest.


Also TMNT 2012

Kachou on!

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It's pointless to compare them since they're both animated shorts. The only reason why it's even called anime is because it's from Japan. That's really it.

You don't see us called Canadian shows anime for a reason.



Gamesake wrote:

My favorite western cartoons are the ones animated in Korea.

I havn't laughed this hard in quite a while.

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I like both (they're the same thing anyway), but I think all the best 'cartoons' are the ones from the past, not this stuff that we're getting nowadays. Ugh, I hate those, and I pity all the kids that grow up watching these.

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While many western action cartoons that try to be deep in this day in age copy the stylings of Japanese anime (particularly Avatar: the Last Airbender) there are a couple of great pioneers, that don't copy anime:

ReBoot - It does start out with the generic "monster of the week" formula, but if you stick with it, it does get good. Used to watch it alongside DBZ back on Toonami, and it was a great show. It was actually a pioneer back in the day, because it was the first major series that was all CGI (although it's so archaic, that it has an unusual sense of charm most CGI shows don't have).

Gargoyles - I remember it being on as a kid, but never watched it. Rediscovered it a couple of years ago on late nite on Disney XD, and was surprised this was actually came from Disney. Intricate story arcs, and the bold moody & dark story line won me over (seriously, there were even a couple instances of very mild blood. A big enough surprise in a western action cartoon, let alone something from Disney). The third (and final) season sucks though (the show's creator left Disney, & as a result the story & animation suffered greatly). I would love for the series to be represented in a future KH game.

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