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121. Posted:

weirdadam wrote:

SuperSonic1990 wrote:

Adam,I just recieved a phone call from a young chicken who claims that YOU are his father. What REALLY happen that night?

Oh, I forgot about the whole 'chicken's sister' thing from this thread. That makes your comment in the 3 Word Story thread much less disturbing.

Wait a minute,Adam did NOT answer my question yet! Do NOT make me sic Phoneix Wright on you! :P Twitter Wii FC: 4579-0293-6760-7162 [10:25] DarkwingLz: D**mit Knux, tell Sony to release Vita TV here >:[

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122. Posted:

I don't remember. We were both so drunk with chicken feed that anything could have happened.

Come on, friends,
To the bear arcades again.

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