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I played a lot of games since I was a kid starting to Game Boy, PSOne, PS2, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS Lite, PSP, and now the Nintendo 3DS. I currently owned a PSP and 3DS, but since PSP's timeline is now over specially in developing games (only Japan left which continue to produce PSP games) I decided to move to the Nintendo 3DS (I like handheld more because I can take it anywhere I go) and decided to focus only at 3DS. I already owned 6 games eversince I bought my 3DS:
1.Samurai Warriors Chronicles
2.Super Mario 3D Land
3.Mario Kart 7
4.The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
5.Resident Evil Revelations
6.Pet Zombies

It was a right decision for me to choose Nintendo 3DS because of the great games which will come out this year and the only reason I bought 3DS is because of "Resident Evil Revelations" (because Capcom didn't release a RE game on the PSP which could have been cancelled eversince they announced "Resident Evil Portable". I was thinking that there's a lot of games that have a huge potential that would make the 3DS more famous and probably boost its sales in the gaming market. Oh I almost forgot, PSVita is out already, and when I saw the price I was like.. "What the hell?!". Its so expensive for an handheld device and anyone I know who's probably thinking of buying it I would definitely tell them to buy a PS3 or XBOX360 or Wii instead.
I always though Sony as a money-hungry company, I wouldn't stop someone of buying a PSVita but the price is completely absurd and memory cards and game cartridge are also pricey. So I am happy of my 3DS now and I also think that there are some games that could boost the reputation of the 3DS over PSVita. Here are the games:

1.Dino Crisis
2.Syphon Filter
3.Grand Theft Auto
4.Final Fantasy
5.Silent Hill
6.Wario Land
8.Mega Man
9.Assassin's Creed
11.Clock Tower

There's a lot of games in my mind but I also want other gamers to share their thoughts of the games they want to come for their consoles or handhelds. Being a Fan of gaming world isn't bad as long as you know how to balance your life between games and reality. Cheers!



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