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Disney vs Nintendo racing.

Since Disney now own Marvel and Star Wars.

You could create your own character. Any suggestions on this game idea?



what has disney's ownership of these ips have to do with they making a racing game together with nintendo?

Yeah I don’t know either.

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Not sure if you know this or not but this site is not affiliated with Nintendo. So you might want to try contacting Nintendo with your game idea.

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MrWalkieTalkie wrote:

This seems like a bit of a stretch, but here goes...

Mario & Mickey Mouse!

Did you know that Mickey Mouse had racing game on Nintendo 64?



Not sure where you're going with this idea...

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Unca_Lz wrote:

Not sure where you're going with this idea...

I guess I have to treat you guys as a kid.

First off it would be like the Mario Kart Racing but with Disney, Marvel and Star Wars characters. Have battle mode like in Mario Kart.
Tigger and Friends, Princes and Princesses, Villains and etc.

You could create your own race course and your own Battle arena. Upload them to the Nintendo network.

Similar at that. If you don't get that.



@DashingDan: I'm sure you wouldn't be so condescending if an official Nintendo representative had similarly asked for clarification or expressed confusion regarding your intent. Please play nice with your fellow users.

That said, I'm not sure if you've noticed the note at the bottom of every page here, but I'm afraid we're not Nintendo — we're Nintendo Life, an independent website completely unaffiliated with the Big N. If you'd like to get in touch with them to offer your feedback and/or suggestions for games, the best place to start would be to look over Nintendo's contact information and see which avenue best suits your intent. Best of luck to you!

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