Topic: Delete your own thread that has been locked?

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I'm just wondering if your thread gets locked why cant you delete it?
So it Doesn't stick around forever and it looks embarrassing.

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I have been asking this alot and never get an answer.


Well, maybe now you will.


It's down to the moderator; probably to avoid "where did my thread go?" contacts I expect.

If you want your locked thread deleted you can always try the contact form!

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When we delete threads instead of locking them, people go crazy wondering what happened to them, sometimes making further posts on the forums to ask why or to explode into a frothing rage, which is counter-productive. When we lock them, we're able to at least give them an explanation, and then the threads are gradually buried under new ones. As Sean said, if you want your locked thread deleted, you can always just use the Contact form and the admins will look it over for you.

Also, if you've been asking that question a lot, Ezekiel, it must not have been in the right place(s), because i don't quite recall seeing it anywhere -- it's not like i wouldn't have answered it, obviously, lol. :3

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Also, some threads are used for information, and once the info has been correctly given, can be locked for those who need help from it in the future.


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Wait, it's impossible to delete threads you made that got locked?
What exactly did I do to those old threads I made, then?

Just let it happen.

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