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Hey guys!

These past weeks I've been trying to find these games.

I actually managed to find SoulSilver last thursday but unfortunately the shop i bought it from cancelled my order since they tested the game and it was not playable.

I've tried looking but amazon but either they're import (not in English) or they're going for up to 400£.

I just had a quick look on eBay and I found tons of them but worries me is whether they're authentic.

Would anyone be willing to help me find a good condition + authenic SoulSilver/HeartGold on

I'd be willing to spend around 40£.

Desperate for help!



Are you asking for someone to help you find one on eBay, or buy one and send it to you? I think the former is something you can do yourself and I'm not sure if the latter is allowed on this forum.



I had a quick glance out of curiosity, and I'm surprised at how much they're costing these days.

If you're worried about authenticity when shopping on eBay, then grabbing one that comes with the box and instructions and pokewalker and has pictures of these should have less chance of being fake. Check the rating of the seller as well.

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@Octane I was asking for help to find a genuine copy on eBay. I have never bought anything on eBay previously so I'll have a hard time recognize scammers/counterfeits.

I'd be open to giving cs go skins if I get help finding an authentic one. that seems more fair?



@Andersdk Have you checked your local stores? Or any stores in your country that sell used games? Do a quick Google search, I'm sure there are several of them and one of them must have a copy of SoulSilver or HeartGold. I think that's much more reliable if you worry about safety. Maybe there's even a online retailer that specifically deals in DS games, I know they exist in my country.

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@Octane I've tried looking in my local gamestop and browsed through sites similar to eBay for Denmark, but unfortunately nothing...

I found a website which specialize in used games. They're charging 140£ for a used HeartGold game which is bit above my budget.



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