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DSi owners already should be familiar with it: You can activate or deactivate WiFi in the DS menu. Generally this is a good idea I think - if you're on a plane or something like that where WiFi use is prohibited you can't accidently activate it. BUT: My question is: If you activate it, does WiFi run all the time, even if it's not needed (or in short: does it drain battery life)? If that's the case that would be annoying, cause I don't use it very often, but just going over to the menu to activate it is pretty annoying, especially if you're in a game and decide you want to do a multipalyer match.

My guess is: Activated means it can be used if needed but not that it's running all the time - but does anyone know for sure (or did a test with the battery life)?



Keeping the WiFi on shouldn't drain anymore batteries than not using it... Just like the PSP.

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I'd like some definitive information on this issue as well. Many people online claim that they have to shut off the WiFi from the menu in order to get better battery life, but I've not seen any real confirmation of this, nor does it really make sense for the WiFi to drain the charge when you're not actively using it. I'm leaving mine on unless someone can prove that it is an issue.

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I found that if the WiFi is off, my battery life is prolonged...Tested and benchmarked with a control method...

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