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i bought warioware snapped despite negative reviews. i didn't regret it. doesn't have much depth or replay but its worth getting out to make a fool of yourself and now and then.

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I am a little disappointed with the games available at launch in the UK, and also the games that are possible being released as well?

From what I read on here we are going to have to pay 200 points for solitaire, which although isnt breaking the bank is just naughty and it should be a free application! A good proportion of people buying the DSi this soon will have had the DS/Lite previously so we know all about the Brain training games, so why they have to rehash them and try and sell them to us again I dont know!! And to make it even worse, the rehash of Dr. Mario is not going to even have online multiplayer?!!

Very disppointed with the software.....

(Love the DSi though, the Wii type menu system makes me smile!! )



I'm not all that impressed with the titles released so far ... think I'll hold onto my points until something more worthwhile comes out. However, I must say that I am so glad now that I waited for the DSi instead of getting a DS a few months back like I wanted to. I'm really impressed with this little machine.

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Paper Plane is probably my favourite of the launch titles. I carry on putting that on to waste 5 minutes. It works. Every time. Too well.



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Right now, there doesn't seem to be that many worthwhile games out. However,im sure that the quality of games will increase as time goes on. I have a feeling some dsiware titles like the master of illusion and brain age express games are fillers to make money off of while nintendo waits for more better quality games like art style:aquia and warioware snapped from third partys.

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I am going to purchase a DSi this week!

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I haven't purchased any DSiware games just yet. But there are alot on my radar that I'm looking forward to. I'm sure it'll be slow going just like VC and Wiiware, but eventually I think we'll get a good library of games on the platform.



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