Topic: If Nintendo released apps, what would you like to see?

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The app store on the iPod / iPhone have a lot of downloads that aren't games at all. I'm talking things such as maps, notepads and the like, but what would you lot want to see on DSiWare? We've already got word of the calculators and moving memo notepad, but what 200 point downloads do you think would work?

I reckon that a YouTube app would be really good, since the free browser doesn't work with flash, although I can see this being sold at 500 points rather than 200.

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Email app.

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Like the Wii has, Weather app. And an RSS feed app.
Does the DSi have a File Browser? I'd buy an application that lets you see the files in the SD card, and execute them if possible with other DSi apps.

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DSi email, just like wii. great idea!

i'd like to see, a Nintendo channel for the dsi, like the wii
you could download demos stright from the channel, and get Nintendo news on the go.

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I don't know really... I'm not 100% convinced Nintendo should be bothering with apps much, they're not going to stack up to what is available on the iPhone/iPod store... its just not the same type of device, would rather they concentrate on games...

However, if they are gonna do them, I'd agree with all the RSS, Email etc. I guess they could try and make some fun apps too, letting you mess about the camera and microphone.. not really sure

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I really like the YouTube app idea and I would like to see a GPS app with voice command.



DSi is a step closer for Nintendo to developing non specific gaming electronics... I can see it now! the Nintendo Phone or The Nintendo Personalized Computer! YEEEAAAH BOY I'm gonna get me one of those NPCs

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GamerZack87 about an Animation Creation Application...oh, wait! They already made Moving Memo! So why don't we have it yet?
You know what'd be cool? An application for creating your own music to add to DSi Sound!

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@Papermario128: It's just a shame that GPS might take up too much memory on the console. At least SD card support means that it's still not impossible.

@jpfan1989: An NPC would be too highly based on "fun", so you'd never get anything done...

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Something like Mario Paint would be nice. A whiteboard, an animation centre, a music editor and a fun game.

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I 2nd the following: Youtube, email, file browser/user, GPS and will add the following: word processor of some sort (because i am an author and compuers/paper may not always be there

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I'd like to see a DSi version of the Wii Speak Channel, and one of the Nintendo Channel so we can download DS demos without having to load up the Wii first. It's entirely possible that Nintendo will release DSi versions of some of the Wii Channels, so it could happen.

I'd also like to see an application in which you can create our own games, like that Kodu software, and we could all publish our own stuff through an online network once we finish it. Given the capabilities of the DSi, if something like this did happen, games would likely be limited to 2D or a very basic 3D world. It would be brilliant to see what kind of games get made. I'd love to see some from Users on this Website in particular.


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A basic platformer level editor would have me sold on this system in no time, Terranigma. With the exception of Excitebike though, I don't think Nintendo tends to release tools like this, unfortunately. Maybe another developer will. Fingers crossed.

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A WarioWare mini-game designer for WiiWare and DSiWare is on its way later this year guys (with DS-Wii sharing), if that tickles your fancy.

Also: I can confirm that both GMail and Google Maps (without satellite imagery, natch, but with directions) work on the DSi browser! Just make sure you view them both in the simpler HTML versions (an option should be available).

PS: I'm writing this on my DSi!

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I've heard about Made In Ore. While I like the fact that we can create our own microgames, i'd like an application as well like kodu with which we can create something with more depth, more control and more customizationable options that creates games that last longer than a microgame.

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I would like to see an email app, RSS feed app, and a weather app for now.

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@Motang: You can always check the weather on the free browser, don't forget - but an RSS feed app would be handy, since Google Reader takes up too much memory for the DSi to display it.

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Restraunt & Travel APP for ordering food it connects via the internet to say Pizza Hut or KFC & order food & air plane tickets by the microphone not like a phone though like a recorded message thats sent over the mic to the destination then they give you a total & like you can do if its a debit just enter it in on touch screen the stuff same for airplane tickets etc but that might be a little too hard ^^""

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