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So now my command
I'll add you all, too.

Probably getting a Vita with LBP soon...


hmm it seems to be regio locked. couldnt add anyone but Roopa. and he' from germany like me. did any of oyu guys had any succscess adding me?

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Cheezy wrote:

I added you all, I'm ading you now, Neo

how do you add FRIENDS and not FAVORITES

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Odnetnin wrote:

You meet them in real LIFE, and send them a Flipnote.

so why is this thread made? are we gonna meet in real life? no

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Y B L R R R B right

Check out my vids.

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NeoRausch wrote:

hmm it seems to be regio locked. couldnt add anyone but Roopa. and he' from germany like me. did any of oyu guys had any succscess adding me?

no i think u r wrong cuz i see ppl from japan on all the time maybe thats just na and jp

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Cheezy wrote:

I wish I had creativity

Trust me, Creativity is in different forms.

For example, when you try to beat a boss, you make a plan that's out of the box, don't you?
A puzzle like Tetris when you try to get in a whole lot of lines to rack up the scores.
Or even the first SMB where instead of stomping on every Goomba in the line, you stomp the Koopa to obliterate 'em all.

Not sure where I'm going but I hope you catch my drift!
Creativity exists in different forms.

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left, X, B, down, right, up, X, A
Im Gabe aka GabeGreens. Add me as a favorite and Ill add u!



Mine is in my sig. I'm in the process of adding you all, from the bottom up! Please add me too, and check my flipnotes of course.

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NeoRausch wrote:

ballistikboy wrote:

Thanks... my command is:

you sure? can't find you!

For real? Did you ever find me?

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I think to view someone on the DSi you need to be in the same region.Therefore as well as command codes post your country as well. Mine is Australia,posted code earlier.

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My user is WiiDSiDude

command code X Y A UP R R B RIGHT

Warning! Your Argument may be Invalid!
Puerto Rican
If i misspelled anything feel free to tell me


does it works?

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It is region locked. I tried putting in codes from other regions. Didn't work.

Anyway, I'm from Europe and my code is: A, RIGHT, A, UP, Y, UP, B, X

Check out my vids.

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Hey guys, my code is: R, X ,R, UP, A, L, X, DOWN.
I'm from Europe btw.

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flipnote friends is the dumbest idea ever... u only get friends thru dsi/dsi "linkage" when u send a flipnote to another dsi.

i mean,what`s the point of the MAIL menu then? so i must seek people in real life with a dsi to comunicate to them via flipnote friends?
oh come on!this sucks...major league suckage.

btw i do love flipnote and my dsi... but why must they complicate things so much?? i dunno,maybe im missing something...

EDIT: my alias is TeeGee.From Europe ...

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