Topic: Could Bit Trip make an appearance on the DS?

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Sup ya'll? So, yeah, I have no information on this. I am just curious if anyone knows if one of the final two games will make an appearance on the DS. Because, you see, I think that would be rad. Quite rad indeed. Or, if any of the four games that are out could be ported to the DS? Maybe we lovers of ye ol' Bit Trip series could band together and rally support for ports! And that could be our slogan, Support for Ports...

just brainstorming...



But I won't own a 3DS for years to come. It's not in the budget you see. I wonder, if they did that, would it be backwards compatible?

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I'm sorry, but depending on the price and other factors (like the marketing campaign), the 3DS had a slight chance of not taking off. At the least the regular DS will certainly have a bigger install base for the foreseeable future, so game companies may yet develop for the DS still; it's each dev's decision.

3DS games are not compatible with regular the DS due to containing more memory and having a slight notch in the side of the game card so they won't fit in it anyway. Gaijin could certainly make a DS version if they wanted to, it's just that it seems they're moving on.

Bit.Trip.Beat is already on iGadgets, so I expect the series to expand to other platforms at some point, but 5 and 6 have been confirmed to come out on WiiWare before anything else.

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I did ask that question (not sure if it's been recorded; if so it will be in part two or three of the interview with Chris Osborn) and was told that DSiWare doesn't look cost-effective to them, so that's not likely though a compilation cart sounds nice; hopefully that will happen and have the ability to play on 3DS and DS (without region-locking, please!). You may have noticed that Namco ported BEAT to the iPhone; presumably if that does well Namco will do the others.

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