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Bomberman is finally coming to DSiWare, price: 500 DSiPoints! (But it is still not confirmed )
Here: look it by yourself.
I can't wait! (to pown my lil' brother! ) But, should this game include DS Downloadplay and Multicard play, and of course Wi-Fi multiplayer?

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The bad thing is: It's not from Nintendo. That's not a bad thing in itself but because of that there won't be WiFi since stupid Nintendo doesn't allow 3rd parties to use WiFi in DSiWare games...
So even if it comes out I wouldn't buy it because I don't know anyone with a DSi (or even a DS) in my neighborhood and Bomberman in singleplayer is pretty boring...

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Probably getting a Vita with LBP soon...


What the.... Nintnedo goes crazy! Why may Hudson don't do that? Nintendo you.....

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No wifi = no sale.

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Nintendo has this mindset that there should be no Wi-Fi in 3rd party DSiWare games. Bomberman DSiWare screams WiFi! But because of Nintendo's stupid rule, this won't happen.



Dragon Quest Wars had online, so I wouldn't rule it out entirely. Nowdays, Wi-Fi is essential for Bomberman and it's a fairly big series like Dragon Quest (Not as big though of course) so it could happen. Not holding my breath though

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I think Nintendo is strict with Wifi, but willing if the company is trustworthy.
Hudson is a trustworthy company to Nintendo, which shows with their WiiWare games being allowed to go online, so the DSi might be the same case....Course I could be wrong, since Nintendo is pretty mentally retarded when it comes to their online system.



Nintendo lets hudson use Wi-Fi on WiiWare (see Tetris and Bomberman), so why not DSiWare?

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Where does it say that No wifi for third parties? And its Hudson. Why not let them use it? Im really looking forward to Bomberman DSi, but if theres no online or some sort of multiplayer, no buy.

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If had Wifi i would insta buy it! You never know right? I meen did anyone see MvsDk coming?



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