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Hey guys im new here and i thought the first thing id share with you is a brand new way to efficiently time your brawl matches. you first go to youtube and search the giant bugs attack scene from peter jacksons' king kong, then start up your brawl game listening only to the audio of that scene over and over. its about 3 minutes and 19 seconds for the scene to play out. when its over, you pause and restart the scene. using this method, you can REALLY get an accurate time for each match played. Ill warn you though, you do have to add a little bit at the end of each match, but the payout is more than worth it!



What? Why is this in any way, shape or form helpful? Why would you even consider timing a brawl when you can literally set the time yourself?

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or you see how long the match was played in the results screen or use a stopwatch. Good suggestion though and Welcome to NintendoLife!

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It's nice to see people is still coming with complicated methods to do simple things. And share them in the wrong forum.

Meowph, that's right!

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lol my bad about posting in the 3ds section i thought i clicked the wii one! XD anyway i do this because i noticed that time on youtube videos is slower than the in game time! so i figure its fake time like on some games like starcraft they have fake time that moves too fast!



Has anyone else tried this? It works pretty well, actually!



Wait, since Youtube videos are lengthed in real time, and SSBB is slower than Youtube videos, then does that mean the match that took infinity amount of time is slower than infinity? If I could get the sequence right resulting in ∇ƒ(√∞) ≦ ∑_Tk where k = 1 second and T = "time". The left side represents SSBB time, and the right side represents Youtube time!! This breaks the entire time continuum involving the fourth dimension and the travel at which the manipulation of coexistence is speculated as! Wow, my life has been changed forever.

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