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Please leave your impressions of Shinobi if you downloaded and played it thank you.

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i played it for a minute and i already love it,brings back memories of retro platformer

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Download it but having played yet. Never play this game before, so im sure i will like it. Can't wait to see what everyone think of it soon!

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I got it this morning, its not as good as the Wii VC Arcade version, but for what it is its pretty awesome. I love how you can select levels and the restore point menus is way better then any of the Gameboy VC menus.

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Played it some more and its the usual very hard Shinobi game, but with 4 hitpoints rather then 1. But unfortunatly you can't throw stars, you only have your sword.

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i got this game and i think its pretty good but once you get all four shinobi is the game finished or is there more?

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Pretty awesome I must say! The water walking Fire ball blasting Yellow Ninja makes Trini the yellow Power Ranger look like a complete Mighty Morphon goober head in comparison. I'd love to see a 'Yellow Shinobi Ninja' Vs Scorpion death match to see who comes out on top.

Anyways, other than the spiffy whacked out jiffy, I'm currently at the 5th and Final stage, and there's one section that's murdering my toobular magical mullet and it's the area when you have to select the Green ninja and do multiple double jumps(which is already tough to pull off due to the button response timing, you can't do it whenever you want while in air....) over Spike Pits and throw shurikin ninja stars at those stick wielding dudes on those ultra thin platforms....

I've took down two of the ressurected Bosses, but that part gets me every time....Should i play it cheap, and enable a Restore point? It's such a pain having to replay the main 4 stages again once you lose all of your continues, but hey that's how it used to be back in the day!
Consider me a fan of the Game Gear, or at least Shinobi and the other possible great titles that await.

The Game Gear VC options are just killer on their own. Absolutely LOVE the Game Gear portable effect. While it's all sorts of gnarly, ultimately because the screen size is too small i don't find the experience quite as satisfying to play, but it's just too awesome having the game gear boarder around the tiny 1:1 screen. Also, quality wise i can't seem to notice a difference at all regarding the 1:1 resolution vs the 'Normal' mode larger scaled screen. I always select normal anyways.

So Yup, anybody have a favorite Ninja?

I guess they're all awesome in their own ways. Haven't really tried too much of the Bomb chucking 'pink' yet however.

PS: The Boss in 'Woodlands' looks almost like a giant Freddy Krueger face....Which is totaly awesome of course! But this isn't the first time the Nightmare stalking Fred Krueger has made his apperance(more like being ripped) into a videogame. SplatterHouse 2 had a lookalike boss who also was a giant floating face. Not suprising considering Freddy made quite the splash during the mid 80's up tunil the early 90's and his face itself is so iconic and demonic.

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skitrules wrote:

i got this game and i think its pretty good but once you get all four shinobi is the game finished or is there more?

Once you save your 4 Ninja Students from the Curse they've been put under, you hit up *Neon(or was it Neo?) City, the 5th and final stage which is almost in tune with something like a Dr.Wily's Castle from Mega Man, where you then face off against all 4 previous bosses and then I'm guessing the final Boss himself. Pretty challenging stuff!

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WaveBoy wrote:

Should i play it cheap, and enable a Restore point?

In that room (and one other which you may not have seen yet) I needed to rely on a restore point.

I'll beat it properly, I promise! But for the sake of the review, and being so close to the end, I resorted to cheapness. It's a really hard stage, though, and I think that using only one or two restore points to get through is still pretty impressive!




This has surprisingly become one of my favorite VC titles. I played through it the first time with restore points, but I've played it at least 3 times afterwards without using them. Hints: as the structure is set up like Mega Man, if you play the levels in a particular order (using your new Shinobi like powers), it becomes much easier. Also, the final stage is practically a labyrinth. Once you have it figured out, it's not too much of a problem (you don't even have to traverse the room where you double jump with green. The toughest rooms you have to traverse, IMO, are the ones where you have to grapple over spikes with Blue, and where those enemies suddenly drop from the ceiling as Green).


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It is one of the best games on the VC and on the Game Gear. Full of action, jumping, and a variety of attack moves.

The soundtrack is catchy, too.

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