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Oh, this thread again...


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You know
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Operation Spritefall...facepalms.

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NoA is a complete joke, has been for a while now. I'd love to not support them but the Marios, Zeldas, Mario Karts, Metroids, etc are too good to avoid. Still, I'd love to see them get some new leadership which might actually give two craps about their fanbase over here. The current group certainly loves their 'casual' fans but they couldn't give a damn about the 'core,' it's ridiculous that it took so much to get Xenoblade and The Last Story to be released over here (the latter of which NoA couldn't even be bothered to take care of itself) and I won't get started on the putrid job they've done with the Wii and 3DS VC. It is what it is and fortunately we still get enough good retail games over here, I just wish the American branch of the company seemed to care about the fans the same way the European and Japanese branches do. People give Sony execs crap all the time, rightfully so, for some of the dumb stuff they've said but fact is, Reggie is as big a bs artist as anybody.



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Oh, this thread again...


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Sorry you're disappointed — perhaps a better course of action is getting directly in touch with Nintendo, as complaining on message boards obviously isn't working. :3

future of NL >:3
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