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Most played so far. It's so good actually and if I didn't got it for free, I probably missed this little gem.
And yeah, it's hard to hit the meter correctly, but hey: Practice makes perfect!

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I'm surprised so many people are having trouble just hitting the ball. It's just a basic 3 time button/keypress system (press to start, press to lock-in power, press to lock-in accuracy) like so many other (probably the majority) computerized golf games out there, including our lone true 3DSWare game to this point.

Anyway, don't forget that NES games are still covered on GameFAQs

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now that i know how to hit the ball the game is pretty fun.

not so entertaining like wii sports golf but still cool

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Still awesome

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Finally sat down and really played this for about 30 minutes after actually trying to get into real golf (i got this game through the ambassador program).
It's really not bad. But, it does feel much more difficult than the Mario Golf games. The timing is hard to hit for some reason on this one, causing the ball to go sideways many times.
If I could get decent at it though, it really is a pretty good old golf game. I wish they would give us a new Mario Golf.

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