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So Virtue's Last Reward has a couple of errors. Including a couple glitches that make you save file completely gone.
However I seem to have an error involving my 3DS freezing during a scene in the game.
If anyone has had a freezing error in the game please say so
My glitch happened in the very left branch of the time Flow Chart, in a story part of the game. It happened after Dio was explaining why ditching the other team (Tenmyouji, Quark, Clover) and opening an AB room was a good idea on his side.

I've never had Freezing errors with my new 3DS, and Virtue's Last Reward is a very recent game of mine.

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Yeah, my copy froze and crashed on me twice during my playthrough; once in the middle of an escape section (specifically, in the PEC room) and again in a novel section. Thankfully, though, my actual saved data was unaffected.

I love the Virtue's Last Reward, but it's definitely a game with some technical issues; the save corrupting bug that can occur when you save in the escape sections being the most notorious.

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I experienced several game crashes (including one multiple times during a certain puzzle - can't remember it atm to warn people about it though), and thankfully none of them wiped my save file. In order to avoid the file-erasing ones (the non-file-erasing ones are somewhat random and hard to foresee), the general knowledge on the internet has been to not save your game in a puzzle room. That was helpful (at least for me).

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