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So, the whole 3D deal revolves around panoramic graphics? Whenever you turn the DS, you can see what's off to the side without having to move your character?

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I think that's been mentioned as one of the programming/design possibilities, but i don't believe that's the only aspect of it.

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If I understand you correctly, then I doubt that's possible. If you rotate the device too much then the 3D effect becomes blurred. You'd have to rotate/move your head along with it, which would be very awkward and uncomfortable.


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Um no, thats not it.

3D tricks your eyes into believing that there is depth in the image by creating an illusion to make it seem like each object is an object in a 3d space far or close from you. The way it does this is by giving you two different angles of an object as if it were truly 3 Dimensional and sending them to separate eyes. Depending on how much the two pictures differ, the object seems closer or farther. Unlike jus a flat image, as with a regular screen

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From what I saw at E3, I don't believe that would be a possibility. The games are supposed to be able to visually communicate the same thing with the 3D slider at full and at none, and what you're talking about seems like it would need the 3D to be at least partially on.

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Uh, no.

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The "real" name of the 3DS' 3D is actually stereoscopic imaging. Basically it works by projecting slightly different images into each eye to trick the brain into thinking it's seeing a scene with real depth. If you shut one eye, and then quickly change eye, you'll notice that your view of your desk etc. is slightly different in either eye because of the position difference of your two eyes. The 3DS copies that for game scenes.

If you look at Super Mario Galaxy on a TV, you can see the objects are 3D but still shown on a flat screen, which ruins the sense of perspective and realism somewhat. With the 3DS it will look like a window rather than a screen, which is a huge jump from what we've been used to all these years.

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The makers of resident evil revelations were saying that you could pause the cutscenes and then "explore the scene" with the 3d...



Yes, but not by turning the 3DS. You use the analog stick to move the camera (I think).

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