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Anyone else having this problem? I wanna build that village stuff but its annoying, and the game only having 30 plays, ive already used about 5 trying to figure out why streetpass isnt working without any luck. all my other streetpass enabled games are working but this one. Also I know ive passed people with this game because my roommate has this game.



You're talking about the demo, I assume? Does Streetpass work with the demo version?

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Did u activate it in game?



Yes I activated it in game... You have to activate it before you go to the village building thing.

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Ya i tried to use it with my brother but it didn't work. I just thought he didn't activate it. But that 30 use limit is pretty annoying. I make sure I can play for a while everytime I play.



You can only streetpass with someone who also has the game/demo. I installed it on my other 3DS and at least now I can streetpass with myself twice a day.

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Yeah, similar issues. Good thing you can use network features to get villagers in the full version of the game.

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Same. I passed a couple people yesterday who were also playing the demo and their StreetPass data never populated in my Bravely Default demo. However, I've been able to pass a couple people before and got the green dot on the game icon. I'm guessing StreetPass functionality is really botchy concerning the demo. I also learned that StreetPass Relays (via Nintendo Zones) do NOT work with the demo version after trying a few times which sucks.

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