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Ok the pikachu 3ds xl release's next sunday I probably won't get it til early april if at all. If it's not already sold out everywhere lol. My question is though get it or wait for June & see if the animal crossing 3ds xl will come to NA because I'd rather have that system.

I really want to have one special edition system because I've never done that with any of my other game systems getting a special edition before.

Any thought's?

Thanks in advance!

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Could be another coming out in the summer, summer but not sure which it will be.

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I would get that Pikachu 3DS XL, but i'm also waiting for a better design, and besides, Pikachu isn't my favorite Pokemon anymore, and now that i'm older, I prefer Raichu more than Pikachu (But I still like Pikachu though)

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