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Hi Guys,

I (rather foolishly) sold my 3ds xl last year when my xbox 360 rroded to buy a new one (damn that pesky Microsoft, I don't know why I did it, terrible console compared to 3ds). Earlier this week, I had my phone and my DSi in my hoody pocket. Leaned over in the bathroom to flush the toilet , and to my dismay I heard a "plop" noise. As I feared this was my DSi and my Phone making a £150 block in the U - Bend. To cut a long and frustrating story short, neither devices work any more at all after drying out.. I managed to get a second-had 3ds from eBay to replace the DSi for £60 (I live in the UK) but I really don't know what games to get now. Last time I had Kingdom Hearts and Super Mario Land 3D, which both felt like good quality games but didn't seem to last me long, so I was wondering, whats the best options on the system in terms of games? and also the cheapest decent ones, as getting the second -hand 3ds stretched my budget. Thanks !




Sorry to hear about your DSi, but congrats on being able to pick up a 3DS on the cheap. We have a recommendations thread here where you're welcome to ask for opinions regarding what to pick up for your 3DS. Enjoy! :3

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