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what do you guys think of Nintendo's moves today? From price cuts to programs, to more game offers and free games. i love and enjoy my 3ds. i check literally everyday for either a quick mini dsi gameplay or to check my pokedex.

I can understand why nintendo did this recent move, as they released their mistakes witht he approach with the 3ds and to be honest, the way that they're rewarding the fans that have a 3ds is the best part, because they literally could of just done the price cut and left it at that. But i can see that their trying to please everyone.

In a way, it's like a cool version of the welcome back package sony had. Actually it's better than that package.

What do you guys think, or views on this?

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Well, we can discuss this in the other two threads but hey- I'm excited.

Best move yet and looking at this long term- this means 3rd parties will have a better incentive to make games on 3DS because the install base is just about to get even bigger.

More games. More support. More hours spent on my 3DS <3



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