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So, I play acnl every weekend and every time I do I play Desert Island Escape. I LOVE Desert Island Escape, but I'm tired of shaking my 3ds to get only up to 10 coins every day only to play like once. I heard about tapping amiibos, but there was no way I was going to buy 3 $13 amiibos just for that. THEN someone told be about the amiibo Cards. I got acnl just recently (but I still know a lot about it anyway) so I do not know anything about these as I didn't follow the game's updates, and I was wondering if you could tell me a little about them! So, what's the typical "drop rate"? How hard is it to pull a special character? I'm only planning on getting two packs btw. Will these even work for DIE?


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Each pack comes with one sparkly npc card and five regular animal villager cards.

That's it, really. There's no big algorithm or multiple rarity levels.

For the island escape mini game, you actually only use the cards, the amiibo figures are for the puzzle league mini game.

The desert island escape game, you only really need a collection of diverse species, since all the animals within a species share the same abilities.

Two packs should give you a good variety, unless you get two packs of repeats... But if you want specific cards, ebay is a great option, since you can get the cheaper ones to fill out the gaps.

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